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Thread: manners

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    Drew McDonald Guest


    I returned to the sport of fishing about 3 years ago after a 20 years lay off due to work, I lived in Scotland then and was an avid trout and salmon man, what puzzles me here in England is the fact that when someone has a fish on nobody reels in their lines to avoid a tangle with the other persons fish, I have seen it happen a few times on the carp puddles when someones fish has made a run,it has been obvious to me that the fish was running towards where someone else has a float bobbing on the surface but still no one reeled in which resulted in a giant tangle and two rather angry fishermen both swearing at each other,this could have been avoided if someone just showed a bit of common sense and manners.I do realise that when fishing the puddles that there are usually so many fish being caught that you may well have your terminal tackle out of the water more than in but I still think you should reel in, especially when you can see someones fish making the run in your direction, am I being too polite here, should I just do what nearly everybody else does and just keep fishing oblivious to the other anglers.

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    Eric Hayes Guest


    Drew I fish rivers for Barbel and Chub most of the time and I`ve found that most anglers fishing down stream from you will more often than not reel in if the fish is taking line and heading for there swim, likewise I would do the same and if necessary offer my assistance with netting.
    I don`t fish many commercial waters and most of the true river anglers I know ain`t to keen on them, maybe the true river angler is a different species.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Can you enlighten us as to what a true river angler is then Eric?

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    Eric Hayes Guest


    Well carp imho it`s a male or female angler that fishes the river in preference still waters, only turning to still waters during the closed season. Hope that helps.....

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    David Will Guest


    Eric which camp are you in, close season or no close season on rivers ?

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    Eric Hayes Guest


    Dave I`m for the Closed season, but moving it would be a good idea, from March to June to say end of November to the end of February, this is also the best time for decorating

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    Dave Johnson Guest


    Eric, I class myself as more river than stillwater biased, and I can assure you there are plenty of inconsiderate 'river anglers'.
    The amount of meat tins left on the Severn, rubbish stuffed in rabbit holes etc.
    Last week for instance after priming a peg with hemp and caster for hours, two idiots arrived on the opposite bank of the Dove , miles from anywhere with no one around for bloody miles and they both try to fish the run I had fed for my late evening session. I politely informed them what I had done-but they couldnt comprehend what I was trying to achieve etc.....
    I'm afaraid regardless of water preference, there is inconsiderate fools amongst them all.

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    stu black Guest


    I fish both rivers and 'puddles' and i will alwys reel in if someone elses fish is going to cross my line because i cant bear t5he tangles it causes! i would say that most inconsiderate anglers i meet these days , casting into my swim etc are on the 'puddles' but thats only because i rarely see another angler on the river stretches i fish.

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    Eric Hayes Guest


    Dave J, yes fools are found on most walks through life but Like I said I`ve only fished commercials on a few occasions and in my opinion most of the people I meet on the river seem more dedicated to the sport and considerate towards the environment, don`t get me wrong like everyone I`ve seen some right sights left after some anglers have finished, but what I haven't seen yet is angler`s blatantly throwing rubbish into bushes like it`s a normal thing to do or a angler laughing with his mates at the sound a fish makes whilst struggling on the paving slabs that surrounding the lake, I`m sorry to have to say but that was witnessed at a local carp match pool on one of the occasions I visited with my son. There is one thing to be said about the commercials noone`s going to throw a leg shager in your swim, most of them don`t let you on if you`ve got a dog with you unless your visually impaired.

    Stu you may be right if more people fished the rivers my views may change....

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    Jim Hinchley Guest


    Im firmly in erics camp on this subject. However im quite happy to see commercial fisheries doing well and people bagging up on them cause whilst their doing that they arent on the river anywhere near me. Unfortunately with the angling press and the time of year ( summer ???) we see more anglers on the riverbank who dont have the rivercraft, manners and enviromental awareness that others have learnt.
    I always find that come november the rivers suddenly become devoid of bivvies , bite alarms , litter and stripey deckchairs !!

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