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    Ron Clay Guest


    I have just finished an article on very vivid experience I had in 1997. It will be sent to Graham shortly.

    How many of you have had unexplainable encounters whilst angling?

    This might be the start of an interesting thread.

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    This could be called poetic justice, or getting a taste of your own medicine. This is what happened:

    A long time ago when pictures in fishing magazines were in black and white I used to develop and print my own photographs.

    On printing one picture of myself with an 11lb bream you could clearly see a hook, with a line attached, hanging from my bottom lip. There was no mistake, the hook and line were in sharp focus.

    The facts were these.

    The hook couldn't have been dangled over the camera lens as the picture was taken or it would have been out of focus.

    Nobody else handled the film, prints, or processing equipment but me.

    There was no sign of the hook inside my camera or enlarger.

    The hook couldn’t have been lay on the print as it was processed or it would have come out as a shadow or silhouette. It was so clear in the picture you see the eye, the shading on the shank, and the light reflecting on the mono line.

    The hook appeared to penetrate the skin of my lip and re-emerge with the barb showing.

    I can tell you I definitely didn't have a hook in my lip when the picture was taken!

    Other shots taken at the time had no sign of a hook in them.

    I can’t with all honesty offer a rational explanation.

    The most upsetting part of the tale is that the print and negative were sent to someone who was writing a book on ghost stories (after they read the story in a fishing magazine) and was never returned.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    I remember reading that when I was 14 years old.

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    Five years ago then Chris...........

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Hahahahahahahah - reckon it was around 1978/1979 at a guess. And as I recall the fish you were holding was a bream.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    The most startling thing I've experienced whilst fishing was seeing Paul Williams actually catch a fish.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    One of the most fascinating tales is in Tony Miles' book: Silver Season Golden memories and describes a day on the Cherwell on Aug 31st 1984. Read it you guys and comment

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    Paul Williams Guest


    Hey Rik, looks like you'll be fascinated yet again Mon/Tues!!!!!! I've been in some pretty funny places in the night (outside of angling)believe me and i am convinced the mind can and does play havoc when it's not occupied, eg waiting to catch fish!! having said that though i once fished Kyre pool at night by myself, the late John Sidley and others had said there was something about the place and that they wouldn't like to fish it alone.......i have never know such an eerie night!! i pulled the bag over my head but after a few hours i couldn't take anymore all the hairs on my body were standing up!!! i bundled all the gear into the car a went home, that place has something!! or was it the seed that had been planted by the others? either way i saw, heard, and smelt all sorts that night!!!!!!!

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    Ron Clay Guest


    OK Paul, you had an hair raising night. What did you actually see and hear? Let's hear all about it.

    I have met several people in my life who have had some very strange experiences but for some strange reason they won't reveal the full details. I wonder why? Maybe they are afraid that they might be considered mad by their friends

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    Paul Williams Guest


    Ron, what i was trying to say is that although its an unpleasant place to fish it's really a state of mind that (imho)causes 99% of "strange" occurances, that said i agree there are times when no explanation is forthcoming. I can't give a personal account of anything actually happening (and i've been in some funny places at night!!) happening but i can tell a friends story albiet nothing to do with fishing.
    The guy in question was then a serving soldier and he and a mucka were on Mt Everest, basicly they were nailed by the weather and were getting close to death. They new that the only chance they had was to get into a snow hole and use each other as a heat source, they managed to do this but by now were really close to death....this is when the strange thing happened....the guy began to "smell" his dead father and felt a pressence that warmed him....they obviously survived (at a cost) to tell the tale, believe me when i say that guy was not prone to bull****, Knowing this guy and hearing him tell his tale is the main reason i could never totally discount "strange" happenings.

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