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Thread: Braid V Mono

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    Goose Ganderton Guest


    I have just been going through some back copies of Anglers Mail and came across an article titled Braid on the fade, it was primarily about Carp fishing but it got me to wondering just how many people use braid and for what species. For myself I now only use braid on my plumbing rod when Carping and tend to chop and change as my mood takes me when fishing the feeder for Bream and Roach. So are you like me and use braid for the gentle bites of Bream and Roach ect, but prefer the durability and stretch of mono for the hard takes of Barbel,Chub, Tench ect.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Use braid 85% of the time - twice as durable as mono and you never bust off on fish. You can also straighten hooks out on a snag, meaning you don't leave rigs and baits tethered waiting to kill the next fish that swims along.

    Add zero stretch, low dia and various other qualities and I reckon it's probably done more for my fishing than anything else in the last few years.

    I'll admit I only fish for pike and zeds, but can't believe a 30lb BS line with the same dia as 6lbs mono hasn't caught on big-style with chub and barbel bashers.

    If I can't break the stuff I defy anyone else to.........!

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    peter webber Guest


    I think you know my feelings on this one at the mo goose :-)

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    When fishing for barbel I just feel braid is unnecessary, especially at short range. The bites are generally so violent that I prefer to have as much stretch as possible to avoid hook pulls.

    The same goes in playing the fish as when big barbel are under the rod tip they won't believe they are beaten and often surge off. The additional stretch of mono I believe just gives me that extra confidence in the hook hold.

    Hitting bream bites at 50 yards is different and I would use braid for that type of fishing.

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    Alan Cooper Guest


    I agree with Dave Cooper. I just don't like braid - I like the stretch mono provides. Mind you, personal taste is what its all about.

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    I'm with Cooperman as well on this one. I prefer mono for all my short-range fishing, and I keep having spells on one and then the other for longer range as I try to make my mind up which I like best - there are so many pros and cons for each.

    It's definitely a battle between no-give (and no-forgive) and hook-pulls with the directness and sensitivity of braid, and the opposites of those with mono.

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    Philip Inzani Guest


    For fishing I am still undecided but from a non rig/tackle point of view one big disadvantage of braid is the potential snags it can leave. I know fisheries that have either banned it or limited the range anglers can fish at. The problem was that people where boating baits out huge distances and due to the very high breaking strains used compared to mono should an angler snap off the resulting lengths of line left in the water creates unbelievable problems for both fishing and wildlife as it criss crosses through weed beds.
    I am not saying that this does not happen with mono but the problem is far worse with huge lengths of high breaking strain braid.
    I know that on some waters/swims it has become so bad that fishing is basically impossible to the extent that divers have to be sent out to try and clear areas....not exactly the sort of image we want to portray of ourselves!

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    Robert Ceely Guest


    I've not fished for about 5 years now due to lots of reasons, but I've got the bug again and recently bought a few copies of anglers mail/times etc to catch up on what i've been missing out on. Has the fishing world suddenly gone so high tech that I now need a degree to understand all this talk of braids, boilies and 2000 poles? What has happened to the simple pleasures of catching a nice weight of silverfish or a nice brace of sweetcorn caught tench? I'm sure that there is logic behind all this new equipment-can someone please explain it to me in simple terms? Why and what does braid do? Has the maggot become extinct? SOMEONE HELP ME!!!

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    Steve Baker Guest


    New equipment has just made things easier (sometimes) dont worry about it just buy some new hooks, line (mono) 100yds around 4 quid (rip off iknow)and a pint of maggots or a loaf of bread and get out there. Go for the smaller fish first so you get used to handeling and unhooking them again as you do forget. But make sure you enjoy it, and you never know you may catch a biggie and become hooked again.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    braid for Pike and spinning, Braid for *some* carping, mono for the rest

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