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    Okay, it's a spoof article, but how close is it to the truth a few more years down the line?

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Sounds like what I'm going to do when I win the lottery.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    Sounds a bit like Adams Mill!

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    Mike Fidler Guest


    You know I wouldn't fish it on principle (if I could actually get a swim that is) but Adam's Mill is one of the most beutiful pieces of river I have ever seen.

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    snakey stewart Guest


    Most of my fishing is like this,here on the upper ouse,but then it was in coarse fish rare carlisle,as a lad.Thank god for man made puddles,i kind of prefer my own company when im being stung,nettled and drenched!

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    Steve Baker Guest


    Have any of you lot been to alton towers lately as they have one of these in place allready. The wild water rapids is where the eater is pumped up a hill and let down a hill and then recycled. I went last october and if there was no boats coming down i would have a go at fishing..... could be a real possibility soon and i would fish it, (if it never had the bull in the field).

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