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    I'm the world's worst for looking after gear and bait. Have you ever smelled worms that have been left in a baitbox for months? They turn to liquid and smell worse than a skunk's armpit.

    I once put a fishing coat on that had been in a garden shed for months. My back came alive with something, so I threw the coat off and a whole nest of mice ran out of the lining.

    I could go on, but let's hear your horror stories.

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Graham, Mrs Sedge says the worst horror story is that Secret Agent you gave me...I don't think she's ever going to let me (or you !!) live that down.
    To anyone who's wondering what's the story...I came back from Graham's really late one night after a fishing trip with a bottle of SA. Even though I crept upstairs,Mrs Sedge woke up 'phew, what's that smell?' The bottle of SA was in the car !!! Let's just say it is a powerful smell...

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    Dave Johnson Guest


    when I was 13 I came back from a pike session on Copmere at Eccleshall and put my kit away in the garage, except my wet coat which was put to dry in the airing cupboard complete with a pound of wrapped sprats from the fishmongers still in my pocket. The smell got gradually worse over the Christmas holiday until it was unbearable. Dad had checked the drains, even cleaned the loft out thinking something had died up there.......
    I dont think they ever realised it was my coat, which was disposed of when I realised two weeks later and remembered where i had hung my coat up......

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    Yes, but Sedge, you wouldn't listen to me when I said, "don't rub it on your head, it's not hair restorer!"

    And you said, "I know, but you'll try anything when you're desperate!"

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Graham, that's why I wear a cap...

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    Steve Baker Guest


    when i was about 16 i decided to keep my fishing tackle in my bedroom. One night In my keepnet bag i had stored a pint of bright red pinkys in the out side pocket ready to get up for fishing at 6am.... 6am came alarm went off, opened my eyes and my cat was sitting in the middle of the floor playing with somthing, so i turned the light on and all i could see on my bright green carpet was pinkys everywhere. After 5 hours on my hands and knees picking the ******* up my mum got up so i told her and she got the hoover out. 2 weeks later there was flies everywhere which just happened to bring the spiders out...........not good whilst you are sleeping.

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    John Tait Guest


    The comments about Secret Agent puzzle me a little - Queen Bee thinks it's a lovely smell !! - mind you, she hasn't smelt it in combination with Monster Crab yet !!


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    BLAM Guest


    Just what is in Secret Agent? I had to move swims the other night after a mate insisted upon using Secret Agent flavoured luncheon meat. It was enough to make you retch.

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    christian tyroll Guest


    my dad and i went piking on the thames, we left a pack of unopend trout in the gap where the outboard motor fits!
    when we came back a month later my dad trod in the gap to put the motor on!
    we didnt relise what the smell was but was it was dreadful, it wifted about every so often and we didnt relise he'd troden on them until he put his hand in it..............

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    three month old bucket of hemp in summer..............

    say no more,it reeeeeeks!!

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