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Thread: fox hunting

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    vince battams Guest


    well the ban of fox hunting with dogs has passed its first hurdle,its just left now to the lords,lets hope most of them are senile and ****** and basically cannot be bothered with it and throw it out,if not then the anti's will join forces big time and angling will be next.
    what angling needs to do now is unify under one umbrella across the nation,one organisation covering all aspects from tackle manufacturers and shops,fish farms,private fisheries,fishing clubs,specimen organisations,sea fishing,pleasure anglers and so on.
    what we do not want to do is side with the countryside alliance,why ?,well what have they done for us,have they said what they can do for us,have they ever publicly stated their support for angling,yes they need us but do we need them ?,NO we do not.
    lets show those outside angling we're not barbaric,tackle manufacturers stop producing barbed hooks,lets ban the use of barbed hooks across the board.
    ban the use of livebaits,okay use coarse deadbaits but only those fish farmed not taken from local waters.
    lets go back to the old close season nationally,okay this will upset the likes of whiteacres for instance but these people will survive financially.
    pleasure anglers/match anglers/specimen anglers alike take your rubbish home,lets show we care about the countryside as well.
    ban the use of keepnets with the exception of matches and in order to prevent the spread of disease private fisheries should supply keepnets for matches,fishing clubs supply your own as well but have someone responsible for dipping them prior to matches.
    make fishing for juniors upto 12,ladies and the disabled free of charge.
    members of angling clubs should be made to do at least one work party a year for the club to help maintain fisheries helping keeping them free of rubbish and debris which can be harmful to wildlife and look unsightly to outsiders.
    lets put fishing first in order to preserve our sport not others wishes.

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    vince battams Guest


    oh and another thing before i forget is ban the use of mutiple rods,sorry to some of you guys and yes i do use more than one but for the benefit of our sport one rod is sufficient.

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    Paul Williams Guest


    Vince, sorry mate but i disagree with most of what you say!!! sacrifice livebaiting for instance and that will include eventually your lobworms maggots and everything else live! we must stand our ground and not give an inch, if you don't like it don't do it, but don't stop those of us who look on it as another method!
    I can go along with free licences for kids but why women??? doe's say a woman police officer earn less than a male officer?
    I regulary use up to three rods, in the correct circumstances there is no problem at all, i also use one often, again why take away my right to fish as i like, as long as i am doing no harm to my fellow anglers or the fish what is the problem?? i buy two rod licences!!
    I regulary fish big gravel pits and try to target decent fish, i know plenty of waters that may only produce a dozen or so bites a season, am i so bad when i use two or three rods on these waters? believe me if i could get away with catching them on one rod on a quick day session i would!!
    I know you have angling at heart but we must think long and hard about what direction we are going to take.

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    I think we need to think how the anti thinks. Any attempt at self regulation (such as banning keep nets, barbed hooks and so on) will not appease them. In fact, it will spur them on, because they have tasted a sense of victory.
    Vince, although you have stressed the need for unity (which I agree with), unfortunately, the comments you make will actually achieve the opposite. So when Paul opens his mail with , 'sorry mate but i disagree with most of what you say!!!', I'm afraid that will be the reaction of many reading your posting.
    For the sake of unity we need to have a liberal view within angling towards issues such as livebaiting (and I don't by the way, so I'm not secretly fighting my own corner). As Paul so rightly says, worms, maggots and so on will be next. Although we, as individual anglers may see a difference between live bait and maggots, believe me , the anti does not. In their mnd, we are all cold blooded killers. If we, for example, agreed to stop live baiting, would that soothe the anti? No way, it would merely prompt them to achieve more.
    Whether we like it or not, country sports are a buffer for angling.

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    I've just read the lines below on a chat group. I endorse them 100%.

    "There is no appeasing the anti with the giving of any ground nor with logical argument. They are hell bent on one course, and that is to ban all hunting and fishing. It matters not one jot to them if we are linked either directly or indirectly with hunters of foxes or anything else. As far as they are concerned we all **** in the same pot.

    "To them it's all very simple: we get fun from catching/trapping a living creature, and the fact that coarse anglers return the fish only endorses the fact that we do it for fun and not for food, which, to them, is the greatest 'sin'."

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    vince battams Guest


    3-1 down and the replies are not coming thick and fast yet,okay chaps i can see what you are saying if we make changes within our sport for those outside then they'll expect more.
    unification is a must though we must bring all parties within this sport together from manufacturers right down to joe bloggs,the NAA i think could just be the start but are they the voice of the few or the many its no use them making the rules they should ballot the anglers,we should be allowed to vote on our sport,the EA has our addresses canvas us see what we think ,go with what the majority want,lets use this thread within the forum to see how we can shape our future that is not only not detrimental to our sport but is also not detrimental in the view of the outsider.

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    Malcolm Bason Guest


    "3-1 down" No, sorry Vince, if you look further down the list under "General" there is a thread entitled "Countryside Alliance" started by Ron Clay, the whole thing has already been done mate. Please take a look at the replies on there. Cheers!

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    Alan Cooper Guest


    I agree with Graham's comments - there is no appeasement of the antis. With them it is all or nothing and so it must be with us. For all those of us with various scruples about this or that aspect of our sport, it will do us absolutely no good whatsoever other than to be 100% behind and to the side of each other in this debate.

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    Vince, I'm going to add to the score I'm afraid. We don't need to ban anything we currently do. Everything we do is fine by me, including livebaiting.

    Barbed hooks are ok too as far as I'm concerned. Personally i don't think they do anymore or less harm than barbless.

    Why ban multiple rods? It's as if you are agreeing its wrong to fish, but as a compromise you won't use as many rods. Strange sort of compromise.

    The only things we should be doing, and it shouldn't matter a hoot whether we are under threat from antis or not, is to look after the environment we have been entrusted with. Get rid of the litter louts, the foul mouthed, the people who damage farmers property etc. yes. But do not give an inch on angling methods we have every right to utilise.

    I do agree with other sentiments that we need a centralised and cohesive political voice that speaks powerfully for all anglers, not multiple groups representing factions.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    Stewart (Sedge) gives us a very well balanced response here.
    Changing the subject somewhat, I believe Stewart you doe some of your work in Africa. Maybe you have run into an old Friend of mine - Don Wittich? He was a member of the old Coventry Specimen Group which was formed in the 60s by Tony Miles. Don today is an ordained Anglican Priest. He has done work in the poor parts of Johannesburg and today lives, I believe in Namibia.
    Have you heard of him. He still fishes I believe,

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