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    Jonathan Faro Guest


    Sport,hobby,pastime who gives a Sh*t all that matters is were doing it

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    vince battams Guest


    jonathan,we should all give a sh*t,its our sport,hobby or pastime,but for how much longer ?

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    Jonathan Faro Guest


    I firmly believe fishing wont be banned due to the legisticts. I reckon there are around 3 million people who fish. Possibly a lot more I'm being conservative. Add to that anouther 2 million who have the gear but dont fish. Thats 5 million people. if they on averge have 200 worth of gear thats 1000 million (a billion if I'm right). That woudl need to be compensated. Then there the millions in stock from shops. Also there would be an uprising. Most people see fishing as a pastime which is almost part of our heratage and would stop a ban. Add to that all th3e famous names Vinnie Jones, Chris Tarrent, David Seamen etc.

    Anyway I was just saying in my last mesage we don't need a definition



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