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    Many times we hear people say angling isn't a sport it's a pastime, or whatever else they choose to call it.

    Here's the real answer: 'sport' comes from Victorian times when the word referred to the sporting chance in hunting, shooting and fishing. In schools they had 'games' rather than sports.

    So there you are, we're more entitled than most to call angling a sport!

    I just thought I'd share that with you........

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    VICTORIAN TIMES. Crikey I didn't realise you were that old.

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    God, son of Sedge!

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    Ryan Turner Guest


    The type of people who say "it isn't a sport it's a pastime" find it hard to understand that you don't necessarily have to be in competition against someone else for it to be sporting. We are using and competing with nature where as the "real sportsmen" use little white balls and holes to compete against each other. Hmmm.

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    Neil Wayte Guest


    Fishing isn't a sport it's an addiction.According to the wife anyway.

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    vince battams Guest


    its a sport if you a matchman,its a pastime if your a pleasure angler,if your a speccy hunter then its a bloody addictiion

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    Robby Robinson Guest


    I agree with Vince. When I am fishing with wife and kids I am trying to catch any fish and it is more casual.
    When fishing alone I am after trophy fish and the game becomes more serious.
    I use all my skills and knowledge to catch and then release 50 pound fish.


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    martin BATEY Guest


    Never fished a match in 20 years. If I don't catch? So what! Definetly a hobby to me.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    I know it should be a hobby, but it's definitely a way of life, possibly bordering on disease

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    vince battams Guest


    carp angler,definately not a disease,diseases are nasty,fishing is not.

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