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Thread: Blankers!

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    Who is the greatest blanker of them all?

    Come on then, who's had the longest run of blanks? Anybody brave enough to confess?

    No pulling any strokes, just hold your hand up and speak the truth. What is the greatest number of consecutive blanks you have ever recorded?

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    Philip Inzani Guest


    First just to congratulate sedge on the blank breaking session..well done!

    Hhhhmmm greatest number of blanks? Bit of a sore point for me as I am still in the middle of it! Yes I am still trying to catch a bloody Carp out of a bloody swim on the bloody Seine and its now up to 18 without a fish.
    .....Actually I should qualify that a bit which could spark another discussion and that is when I say a "blank" I mean a session without a Carp. I have caught Bream and Chub...does that count as a blank?

    Also not in this case but I tend to count blanks on a venue, I may make trips in between to other places perhaps after a different sort of fish and caught something...does that count as blanking?

    Anyway wheter its blanking or not, it feels horrible...I'll finish my ramblings and let someone else take it up from there if they want.

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    Paul Williams Guest


    To be honest i've never counted them, but i've had plenty of lean runs, if i am struggling on say barbel i tend to have a change with say stillwater Perch or smallriver chub or even prolific stretches for anything, but when the good times come back they are all the sweeter for the struggling!!! and this is the worse time of year imho.

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    Neil Wayte Guest


    I didn't count them but I spent all summer fishing a big gravel pit for some big carp and never had a bite.Many thanks to Mr Welch for putting me on to this venue.
    This water realy did me in,I have never gone so long without a bite.I came to the conclussion that I'm not cut out for sitting it out on these mega hard sparsely populated venues.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    I eel fished a big gravel pit nr Ringwood for 2 1/2 years which amounted to 65 sessions (approx 150 nights) for one aborted run.
    I moved elsewhere thru the winter but all summer and autumn fishing was on here.
    It wasn't as though I'd slipped into the social side or anything, I was really working hard at catching.

    About 2 years after I pulled off the lake someone had an 8lb eel from there.

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    Neil Wayte Guest


    Have you fished the Kingfisher Rik for the eels.Saw the one in the club house(british record)nearly as thick as my laeg or head as some would say.If you fancy a cuppa I'm on watersmeet 2nd Feb doing a feature for Advanced.Kettle will be on if your around.Once photos are done we will only be waiting for a bite.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Should be OK, got a fish-in with the lads that weekend.
    Once we sought out which days it is I'll mail you.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    In answer to your first bit, yes I've fished Kingfisher, but for the carp.
    Wish I could fish it more often coz I'd love to target those big roach.
    Fished the lakes next door and held the Ringwood eel record with a 6lb 6oz fish.

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    Neil Wayte Guest


    First saw those roach in 1981 and thought they were chub.Had PB from there of 3lb 1oz but it dosen't count cos it was caught on a boilie.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    They netted alot of them out and sold them to Ringwood to put into the Wash pit.
    They mostly netted rudd with a few roach, but upto about 2 1/2lb, i think they sold them about 6 tonnes.
    Might allow those roach left to grow bigger
    You got a ticket on there Neil? (wink wink)

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