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    Great story Snakey, and so true.

    My own angling career took its best ever turn when as a young lad I met an old bloke along the canal and watched him, while he grumpily explained why he was doing what.

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    John Toohey Guest


    Nice one Snakey,
    I think a lot of us have had similar experiences.Well put an enjoyable read.

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    Ryan Turner Guest


    Good stuff Snakey, I reckon you can't encourage 'em enough, the more the merrier! I was well lucky to have had a "proper angler" for a grandad, something that a lot of kids are denied. So it's up to people like us to show 'em the way.
    Cheers, Ryan Turner.

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    Neil Wayte Guest


    I was very fortunate to meet in formative years of carp fishing some very good anglers the likes of Andy Little,Ron BussBob Merritt and John Brough who all pointed a keen teenager in the right direction.I have always tried to do the same thing.Having run a junior match team against much older and better supported teams,organised junoir teachins and now helping with the RMC teachins I can only encourage others to do the same thing.
    Two things stick in my mind from over the years.The first was the cheer my lads recieved when we came second to last instead of last in a round of the West Surrey Junoir league.This came from everyone,all the other competitors and organisors.The second was last year on the RMC fishin on the River Lea relief channel when my charge for the night hooked his first river carp that steamed 90 yards off down the channel with him hanging on for grim death.
    As far as I'm concerded not enough is done for the youngsters and I help out all I can but the Tackle Companies who take their money quickly enough should do a lot more.

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    Andy Davis Guest


    Young lad on Sunday wanted to know why I wasn't fishing with my landing net perhaps he will become an angler

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    Jonathan Faro Guest


    The most important person in me starting fishing was my Grandad who even all this time on is sadly missed. He took me fishing (sea) while I was still too small to hold the rod on my own but it developed me into a love for the sport/passion/pastime/hobby (see is fishing as sport). Recently my next door neighbour Keith has been a real help giving me advice adn old tackle and taking me fishing. Now I'm older (17) I'm helping kids I know. Its seems to be the way

    Jonathan "I feel old now" Faro

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    snakey stewart Guest


    Thanks for the kind comments,fellas.It seems to me that the vast majority of anglers are fairly sensitive,in touch kinds of people,the values and conduct implicit in minimum impact angling carry through to other areas of life.All the more reason to feed the youg'uns heads.

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