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    Ron Clay Guest


    Let's have your first five of what you see as the hardest fighting fish in British freshwater, on a size for size basis. My list, based on personal experience is:

    1: Sea Trout
    2: Rainbow trout in really good condition, eg a really fit overwintered resevoir fish.
    3: Barbel
    4: River Carp, especially commons.
    5: Tench.

    I have left out salmon because I have caught so few of them.

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    Wild Carp

    But not written in stone, there's been so much variation from one water to another.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    Gudgeon hey? Does this mean that the GSG (Gudgeon Study Group)might get off the ground? What sort of rod do you recommend for gonks. Also landing nets, hooks and boilie recipes might be in order.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    1. Sea Trout (River Cowie, NE Scotland)
    2. Culcreach Castle Wildies (Scotland, yes, there are carp in Scotland)
    3. Scottish Pike from the North
    4. Hooks Marsh Tench (Lea Valley)
    5. Eels

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    You did say size for size Ron, bloody gobies go like stink!

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    Andy Davis Guest


    How about a roach or imagine a 20lb perch ;-)

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    Carp Angler Guest


    1 - Grayling
    2 - Mullet (freshwater aswell)
    3 - Perch
    4 - Tench
    5 - Barbel

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    Paul Williams Guest


    Shad!!!! the variety that run the Wye and Severn, (i think they are Twaite shad,but i've forgot) they are little demons!! they don't grow big but they are magic, and they are a genuine reason to be on the river in May!!!! failing that, a previousuly uncaught river carp.

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    River Carp

    As Graham said pound for pound (or more acurately ounce for ounce!)Gudgeon! If they reached double figures no one would bother with Carp and Barbel!!

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    Ron Clay Guest


    Paul, Dick Walker was adamant that the Twaite Shad was the hardest fighting fish to be found in UK freshwater. Ive never caught a shad although I have caught several estuarine species of African fish that look similar and fight with a ferocity that is hard to put into words. The African Springer is one of them. They never get more than about 8 pounds yet I have had a 3 pounder run off over 100 yards of fly line backing. I still have the scars on my knuckles where they caught the reel handles.

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