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    James Ayling Guest


    Can anyone help me locate a supply of aniseed flavouring.

    For years I have added a few drops to my casters when the frost arives but I have now used the last of a job lot I bought several seasons ago. Looking through adverts in the carp magazines it would appear that this flavour is no longer in production. My local tackle shops haven't been able to help either.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    I remember seeing Aniseed flavour in one of the Trade catalogues, I am sure it was Leeda.
    Have u tried cake shops as this flavour is used a lot in baking?

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    andrew jackson Guest


    Richworth of all people sell an Anisseed flavour, as part of thier standard range. I would be carefull using flavours intended for confectionary, as I have read, that many are not water soluble.

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    James Ayling Guest


    Thanks Rob and Andrew.

    I was looking through the latest edition of Match Angling Plus over the weekend and there was an advert for flavourings which included aniseed.

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