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Thread: Record Breakers

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    Jonathan Faro Guest


    I have just bought Anglers Mail which is the first fishing mag I've bought for about two years and there was a mention about a barbel record at 19 lbs. Any other records fallen or changes to laws. I seem to remember there was a liklyhood that the closed season was going to be abolished for rivers.


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    Carp Angler Guest


    2 years....
    the barbel record has been broken about 37 times in the last 2 years.

    The river close season was going to be scrapped and all scientific and environmental evidence supported its abolition, but a couple of hundred selfish anglers complained really loudly.
    They were purporting to be the voice of anglers so the government, sensing an opportunistic band wagon to leap on, decided to keep it.

    That should wake you all out of your Sunday slumber..........

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    Barrie Rickards comes from both an angling and scientific background and he agrees with you.

    My own view won't win me any friends either, for I don't see the sense in keeping the river close season when it's abolished on stillwaters and therefore effectively doing away with the slight off-chance that a close season wins us Brownie points from the general public.

    All a close season on rivers does is allow the unscrupulous amongst us to fish when the rest of us are at home or on stillwaters.

    And the barbel bandits and other fish thieves are busily at work.

    Barrie's article on the topic can be found here: <a href=>The River Close Season</A>.

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    The thread has changed...but my own views on the close season is that it has to be implemented, or not, as the case may be, on scientific evidence rather than opinion. The arguments of both camps that run along the lines of 'It lets me do my decorating'(for) or 'Why shouldn't I fish when I want to'(against), are not based on facts but personal statements that are irrelevant.
    If it stays, it should be based on facts that endorse the status quo. Otherwise, it should go.

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    Jonathan Faro Guest


    So the closed season syands for rivers, not thats its a lot of good and my local rivers so flooded I could fish it have a genuine claim I thought it was a lake. Whats the carp record at the moment. Is it still Mary the carp thats must be a complete dum arseto keep getting caught


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    Carp Angler Guest


    Have you ever fished Wraysbury Jon?

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