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Thread: FISHINGmagic

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    For a long time now I've had 'pay as you use' access to the Net, so haven't really strayed much across the web. However, recently I've gotten on to unlimited access (well, at least evenings and weekends).
    The point I'm coming to is that I've now visited a whole load of different sites and viewed a lot of Forums. There are some great Forums around, including this one here at FM. However, there are also some that are unbelievable. The language, abuse and slander is out of this world.
    I just wanted to say that a good job is being done here on FM, the discussion is healthy, the points raised are often thought provoking and the banter is all in the right taste.
    Well done Graham as editor and to all who sail in her...well, at least contribute anyway...

    PS Graham, can I NOW have that 20 you owe me...pretty please...

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    John Toohey Guest


    Noticed you have posted on A N stewart.hoped you liked it.

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Yes, it wasn't one of the 'bad' ones I was referring to...I've posted twice on there...first time someone thought I was an Alton Towers bear...then this time I get followed on by Paul Williams...don't know which is worse really....

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Oh sweet memories.
    Thanks for the reminder Sedge, I'd forgotton the bear story............

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    Carp Angler Guest


    The problem with most forums and BBS's on the net is that they go in cycles.
    What I mean by that is the depth and quality of discussion goes in cycles.
    One particular board can have a very riveting couple of weeks, whereas at any point it can also go thru quite a lean spell.
    I am or was a member of most discussion boards on the net and have found that most are worth a revisit at some point, except 2 which wild horses etc etc, due to the self oppinionated rubbish that they spout.
    Both of these are carp sites and, I've just realised, both have a northern bias.

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    This site has become so good that I am seriously considering getting my "angling news" from it and knocking in to touch the weeklies I have brought all my fishing life. As for articles, well I feel that there is a lot of good stuff on the web but I suppose I will carry on buying the Monthlies. Well Coarse Fisherman anyway.(rapidly becoming bored with Pike and Predators).

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    I think the angling media is probably the worst it's ever been, unless you like pole fishing for 2lb carp.

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    I also think that FISHINGmagic is the best fishing site in the whole wide world. The editor is an amazing angler and writer and he's not in the least biased or immodest.

    Wait for it...........

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    Philip Inzani Guest



    Seriously I think its a great concept and yes I agree with Sedge that the FM site is right up at the top of the pile.

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    Alan Roe Guest


    Rumour has it that the last time our esteemed editor was sent out for 5lb of spuds he forgot to take a bag with him.He was moaning about this in the shop when the shopkeeper said " Don't worry mate just use yer Hat"!!!!

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