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    Ron Clay Guest


    No Des Taylor in Angling Times today... What has happened to him?

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Probably attacked by his own virus.

    I missed him in AT, most of what he says isn't relevant to me and half of it seems made up, but it's a great read and he seems intent on winding people up.

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    I've just spoke to Des to make sure he's okay, and he's as mean and ornery as ever!

    He's just come back from three weeks in India and he'll be back in AT as usual next week.

    Thank God for that, he writes one of the few pieces worth reading. Whether you agree with him or not he's got the balls to speak his mind.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    DT's own virus - foot in mouth..?

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Otherwise Maver will start to market it.
    The DT Larford Virii, in a resealable bag for all season usage.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    Three cheers for good old Des. He's not a bad bloke really. Helped me enormously when I returned to the UK in 1994. Put me onto all the best stretches of the Severn and even bought me the odd pint or two in The Horn & Trumpet. (Funny how I was alway out of pocket on some of those drinking sessions).
    Long live the Bewdley Bigfoot!!!

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    Paul Williams Guest


    Des's only a pretend drinker, he had to move out of the Blackcountry cos he couldn't hack the pace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Having slurred a few words with Des on more than one occasion, but didn't fall over, I can tell you that they must set one hell of pace in the Black Country!

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    Paul Williams Guest


    The Dudley tarmac gangs can down a dozen pints at lunchtime and still go out for a top up on the night!!! Des will probably back that up!

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