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    Read the back of your licence always assuming you have one, quote'----your licence must be produced on demandto awater bailliff of the Agency who produces his or her warrant, a police officer OR ANY OTHER LICENCE HOLDER WHO PRODUCES HIS OR HER LICENCE'. How many of us have taken that line, should we stop moaning and police ourselves or perhaps the Police should give motorists a break and target licence evasion. Ihope these comments are controversional enough to stimulate further debate.

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    From reading all before it would seem that people agree with having to pay for a licence.

    Why is that then?. I pay for my licences, but under duress.

    How does the money taken ever help the course angler??????Why should I have to pay to fish on a water that I already own????

    Why should I pay for fishing on rivers when there is an enforced closed season, and they can't give me good reason for it?

    Why do I have to have two Licences to fish with 3 rods?

    Why is it so damned expensive????????

    The NRA change their name because they were totally enept and out of touch,,,,,The EA will no doubt be changing their name .

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    22 per year for 1 licence. If you went fishing once per week thats a mere 42p per day. Half that if you have a concessioned licence. I would hardly use expense as a reason to be against them.

    Why 2 rods??

    Being limited to only 2 rods serves it's purpose too. How would you feel if you turned up to your favourite lake and found the angler on the peg next to you had set up 5 or 6 rods.... I think it would p**s me off. So limiting is needed and unfortunatly you have to draw the line at some figure.

    what does it pay for??

    You only need look at the EA website to see how the money helps. Such as making more areas for us to enjoy our (your) passtime. And not to forget cleaning up the ones we currently use.

    Sorry if i sem a little narked. But it kind of doesn't help with the situation of the people evading what most of us have to pay for.

    Just my thoughts

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    well said Darren. i will just reiterate my point. Get your money into angling and strengthen it for the future. Money is power ask paul mcCartney. ( sorry couldn't resist).

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    Dave O'L Guest


    I think that there's an argument that a licence gives us a degree of legitimacy & credability as a sport.

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    .. and seems that at times like these we need credabilty. There's definitly something in tackle shops beiing able to provide a Rod licience. I used to work in my local tackle shop a few years ago, at the times of the licience changes,(i.e. from regional to national and from tackle shop to post office)the difference was anothe nail in the coffin for the local/small shops.

    I can't see a problem with having to produce rod licience to be able to buy a 'right to fish' licience.(Clubcard, syndicate or day-ticket)

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    Ashe Hurst Guest


    A Degree?

    Should be full legitimacy, credability as a licence holder , your given right, under full protection of the law.

    Even if the licence fee was increesed, it would not put me off. As Alan says, Money is power.

    30.00 x 3 million anglers = 90 million in licence fees.

    10.00 x 3 million anglers = 30 million to the ACA.

    120 million to angling.

    Then theres the membership to the governing bodies

    Sale of bait and tackle
    Club fees
    Day tickets
    syndicate fees

    Im sure we could be a force to be reckoned with.
    Then theres the VAT and Tax, im sure the government wouldnt want to lose that.

    How much do the antis contribute to Vat, Tax, Employment, Fishery management and environmental conservation, education???

    **** ALL.

    Considering the missleading, Lies, secretive fund raising, Horrific adds and the condemation of animal testing yet support for animal testing, tells me something dont add up.

    Should there be more input into how they work by the authorities?

    Also the way they target children has to be looked into.

    As a youth worker I have a CRB check and guidlines under the child protection act.

    Do not permit abusive peer activities.

    Do not have inappropriate physical or verbal contact with others.

    Do not jump to conclusions with out checking the facts.

    Do not be drawn into inappropriate attention seeking.

    Do not imposse personnal views and oppinions.

    Im sure they could be in breach of these.

    All persons working with children and vunerable adults must under law hold a CRB document. That includes Angling instructors, Club coaches and fishery staff who come into contact with children and vunerable adults.

    Do the Antis???

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    I do think that for those who choose to fish three rods, that they(we) should not have to(technically) pay for a fourth, unusable, rod.

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    This is though Andy, you have to draw the line somewhere. I think 2 rods is fair. Like i said before, I personally, and i feel many others also, would be ****** off with people using more than 3 rods on the peg next to me - then what happens. People are going to want to use 5 then 6 rods. You may think it wont happen, but then people used to only fish on 1 rod.

    Just my thoughts

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    I hate buying my lisences.I hate giving money to the ea.I realise the ea do a unbalievable amount of work in our interest but i would be a whole lot happier if i was giving my fee to a body who didnt use some of that money in the interest of people who are blatantly anti angling.How much do the rowers on the river ancholme have to pay?Why am i so different to them?Next time your out have a look at the people using the water for whatever reason and see how many of them pay for the privelidge.Go have a look at a local water your not allowed to fish and see how many other people are using it.They are all in trouble come the revolution.

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