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Thread: foot and mouth

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    Rob Dearnley Guest


    why have the goverment totally over reacted on the foot and mouth?
    you cant fish,play footie,walk or ***** anywhere now!
    its coming upto spring and people dont want to be stuck in the house,the divorce rate will treble!
    where i live,you cant play footie anymore cos all the pitches are on farmland,yet you can walk up the road which has 2 farms either side of the road.its totally ludicrous!
    the disease has already spreads in the wind for christ sake!.pigeons,birds and basically anything can spread the disease.i dont think disinfecting roads and farms will make any difference whatsoever.the bloody wind will still carry it!
    tony blair should stay in doors,its him spreading **** about!!!!

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Do I sense a little bit of frustration?

    I think this has been discussed 'til the cows come home (excuse the poor pun) on other threads.
    Although I don't think anyone has resorted to expletives.

    Complain to your local MP, speak to your local paper, ask the questions...

    Why, when there has been a vaccine available since 1940, wasn't one used?

    Why have all the local abetoirs been subjected to Brussels rulings forcing them to shut and causing the massive, needless movement of livestock?

    Why are certain farms still allowed to move livestock around the country?

    Why are meat suppliers importing produce in from Southern Europe and the Far East?

    Get some answers from these people and maybe it will lead you to make more informed choices in the future.

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    Rob Dearnley Guest


    correct mate there has been a vaccine since the second world war,but guess what.instead of using the vaccines available,the farmers wait till the animal has got it and then all they do is shoot the animal!the farmers should be shot!
    ive no sympathy for farmers whatsoever,its there fault!
    also im sick of them complaining that there poor.what a load of have got more bloody money than they no wot to do with!thats why he drives a shogun his wife drives a shogun and his 4 kids drive shoguns.they sound realy poor dont they!

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    Paul Williams Guest


    Rob, to be honest i think you are talking about the lord of the manor with all those Shoguns, think of the small timer who rents from this guy and trys to make a living, you don't top yourself when lifes rosy!!!!
    But that said the rest of the situation is becoming duty police officers walking on closed land, and refusing to leave!!! dog owners doing the same and then stating it's fine because their dogs only eat organic food!!! walkers trekking miles down rivers but anglers banned etc etc etc!!
    I am going fishing!! i am going to find a decent stillwater that is open and i'm going to do my thing.....i will act responsibly in as much as i will keep away from farmland but fish i will.

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    Malcolm Bason Guest


    Paul - QUOTE: "I am going fishing!! i am going to find a decent stillwater that is open and i'm going to do my thing.....i will act responsibly in as much as i will keep away from farmland but fish i will." -

    Thats exactly what I have done! I have just come back from Bluebell lakes - I tried the 'Kingfisher' lake - i caught the big one - 51lbs - then guess what? I WOKE UP! ha ha ha ha - Actually I blanked! It was pretty busy, but nobody seemed to be catching!

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Ha ha ha,
    Nice one Peggy.
    I told you that common is mine.
    Any info on the place?
    Mail me about it.

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    Paul Williams Guest


    Pegleg the blanker eh!! just wait untill a couple of decent anglers get up there, we'll show you "locals" the craic!!!!

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    Malcolm Bason Guest


    I awaiteth my first lesson oh master

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Paul said "just wait untill a couple of decent anglers get up there"

    I thought I was going with you?
    Tell me who I'm supposed to take then!!

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    Paul Williams Guest


    MY names on that common, i have a cunning plan!! and i might go up and do a recce!!!

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