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    Chris Betts Guest


    Hi guys,
    I am looking for any information about fishing in the Dominican Republic. I will be visiting the country on Honeymoon at the startof August. During the Honeymoon I also turn 40 so the wife(to be) wants to organise a special fishing trip for me as a present. We are staying on the North Coast of the ireland, so if any of you have any info or know where I can get some info on the fishing over there I would be very grateful. I would kind of like to latch into a tarpon if they inhabit this area of the world, I suspect they may, but all info is very welcome. Cheers

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    Dave Godwin Guest


    Hi Chris see your thread on the FW site


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    Chris Betts Guest


    Thanks Dave

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    Let me know what you find out and how you get on - I'm going in April 2004! Aside from the sea fishing I've heard there is some mangrove fishing for zander-type fish where you can hire a punt and a guide.

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    Chris Betts Guest


    Ok John I will let you know. Would'nt mind a bit of mangrove fishing myself.

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