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    Mike Fidler Guest


    It's obvious when you look isn't it. Alan's 3lb 12oz fish is so obviously a bream hybrid its a wonder no one else picked it up. Perhaps he will now be disqualified from these competitions on the grounds that his catch does not qualify. Never mind the ocupancy of swim issue.

    Last year in Ireland I caught some big roach/bream roach/rudd hybrids, how big do they go?

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    Paul Williams Guest


    To be honest i now think we are getting into the realms of guessing, one one side we have Tony saying Alans fish is roach/rudd and then we have Mike saying it is roach/bream, i said earlier that i hadn't caught any big rudd so i couldn't comment on the roach/rudd idea...but i think the way that Alan is holding the fish makes it difficult to judge the positioning of the fins and if that is what Tony is basing his statement on then i'm not so sure. Alan seems to pushing out the front of the fish if you look really close, it isn't being held straight at the camera, this in my opinion makes it difficult to acertain the fins positioning.
    I may be wrong and i will certainly hold my hands out if i am but i still think they are roach/bream.

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    Fergal Scully Guest


    I think tony is right about Alans fish it also has those rudd trates of bigger scales than roach and the angular appearance of the body.

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    Fergal Scully Guest


    Mike I have heard of fully verified roach/rudd from Irelands lough derravaragh of 3pounds 12 oz, rudd/bream of 7 pound 10 oz from Monalty lough, roach/bream of 5pounds 14oz from lough kinale. Graham has caught the biggest hybrid I have heard of it went 8 pounds as far as I remember but I'll let him tell you about that.

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    Philip Inzani Guest


    Graham, not sure how many oz's over 8 your Roach/Bream was but I definatly remeber another one over 8 from Tring ages ago...but pretty sure that was not you.

    I think it was in AM I (may) have the copy somewhere or other....but your fish definaty must be up there.

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    william kirkwood Guest


    8lb must have been ablxxxx carp

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