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    Ron Clay Guest


    In the last 1/2 hour I have decided that this weekend that I will buy a new car.

    I'm afraid old Citroen Lily will finally have to go.

    About 4 weeks ago I went around various places with the intention of buying a new car. I gave for the following reasons.

    1: They don't seem to have any small diesels available. At the moment I have a Citroen AX TZD which does 70+ miles to the gallon on a long run. Where do you get a modern equivalent for one of the finest small cars ever built?

    2: All the places I have visited want to sign you up to a bloody dodgy HP agreement. If you read the small print it seems to say that you never own the vehicle.

    3: When you tell the bloody idiot of a car salesman that you want to pay cash for the car, they seem to turn off.
    One asshole actually walked away from me.

    4: Then they want to sell you their own dodgy insurance scheme. Some of them say it's free for the first year??

    Read the small print again.

    Where on Earth in the South Yorks North Notts area can I find a honest motor car dealer who is prepared to sell me what I am looking for without giving me a load of hassles. I have CASH to spend. Most of them don't seem to know what that means.


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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Peugot do a couple of nice small diesels. How about a 206 or 306TD..?

    If you don't like salesmen you could always buy privately.

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    Birds Nest Guest


    New Computer, new camera, new car... Ron I get the impression your not as skint as you make out...

    Are you buying 2nd hand? The ford dealership that were Arriva Ford on London Road in Nottingham were excelent when I brought my 2nd hand ford, with cash... I can get you the details of the salesman I delt with... if you want..

    Brand new? Our place is raving about the 1.4 tdci diesel engine in the new Fiesta....

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    Ron Clay Guest


    I might have a look around Cambridgeshire whilst I am down there. I wouldn't mind a 206 or 306, they look to be nice cars.

    The thing I always do with a new car is break it in. This means taking a lump hammer and giving the car a thorough bashing.

    Next, I put plenty of scratches all over it, as well as a crack in the rear window.

    Next is to remove some of the fancywork on the inside, especially a door panel.

    Finally, allow a good hatch of maggots to take place inside. A rotting eel in the boot, also works wonders.

    I car in this state tends not to get nicked!

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    Ron Clay Guest


    Sorry Bird's Nest, I don't like Fords.

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    Tim Richardson Guest


    Ron, my cousin went to one of these car supermarkets and they actually refused to sell him the car when he wanted to pay cash

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    Mar 2003


    Ron a pity you don't like Fords. I had a Mondeo (old model) and my wife and I both loved it, as it was a company car I lost it on changing jobs. The new Mondeo TDCI is a superb car everyone I have spoken to who has one has spoken very very highly of them. Not small but plenty of room for the fishing gear. Also about 60 mpg on long runs and 45 around town, excellent for a 2 litre car.

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    Ron Clay Guest



    What is it with this bloody country??

    The whole damn place seems to live on credit!!

    I managed to pull a bit of my vast wealth I have tied up in gold shares in South Africa mainly because the gold price has increased by over 100 dollars in the past year. The war was responsible for this.

    Let's for goodness sake have another war and quick. Then the gold price may increase to 500 dollars.. Hip Hip Hurray.

    A quick tip for all of you. If you have a spare 5k to invest, put it into Anglo American shares. You could double your money in a year, especially if we have another war


    I still have to buy another damn car.


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    Andrew Thomas Guest


    This would have been the Boer War Ron ?

    If you can't buy a car for cash then you're not trying very hard,

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    Kevin Cox Guest


    Forget Cambridgeshire Ron, second hand car prices (like house prices) are sky high compared to the rest of the country.
    Have you tried Auto Trader on the net ?
    By the time the magazine comes out the good motors have usualy been snapped up.

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