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    William Spencer Guest


    Took the wife and kids to Skegness last week for a couple of days and noticed as always the small drains dotted along the side of the roads between North Kyme and Tattershall.I used to be a van driver and between Metheringham and Woodhall Spa,drains criss cross the landscape.Does anybody know if these are worth investigating with rod and reel?

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    Ashe Hurst Guest


    They may be.

    We have a small network of drains on our local marsh.

    The invertabrate life is abundant, so too is the vast aray of plant life.

    Sticklebacks are thriveing, so too is the bird life.
    Some of the drains are connected to main water coarses or are flooded.

    Whats to say a bird with some weed attached lands in the water, that bit of weed may contain a fish egg or two, maybe more.

    Or a local river/stream or lake may flood, releasing fish into the drain.
    Eels migrate over land to find water.

    We often take no notice of small puddles of water or these drains or dithches.but unless we investigate, we will never know what suprises they may hold.

    The local motorway has drainage ditches and holding pools for rainwater runoff. I went down there to explor with a few bits of tackle,maggots and bread.

    Spent all afternoon catching rudd and tench, went back the following weekend and had much the same including 3 carp to 5lbs.

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    Phil Heaton Guest


    The drainage systems of Lincolnshire and I am sure most parts of the country, will join some major water source even if only to run off during wet weather.
    I fish a lot of the North Linc's rivers and drains and can assure you that most of them hold fish. Over the past 5 years I have caught more 'bigger' pike in small drains than in the larger rivers.
    The real hot spots seem to be where drains / rivers or even a small side stream join, especially if the area is not heavily fished.
    Get youself an ordnance survey map and give it a try this season, you will be surprised at the results I am sure.

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    William Spencer Guest


    thanks to both of you for your replies.i will definately have a look at these drains.i'll probably just go on a sort of scouting mission first with just a pint or so of maggots to see if there is any response to loose feed.

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    Ashe Hurst Guest


    good luck mate.

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    Paul Mallinson Guest


    Yeah good luck, i live in lincolnshire and i have fished all of the drains around my house, withing 4-5 miles, while i wa at shool, and they nearly all contained fish! Best i had was a chub of abouut a pund and a half on freelined lob worm.

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    Jason Heenan Guest


    I can't remember what it's called but there is a small picnic area just before Tattershall Castle on the left ( going towards Coningsby ). At the end of the picnic area is a small ditch / drain that used to have roach and rudd well over a pound and a pike that was at least 15 pounds, this was 7 or 8 years ago so it's either dead or huge now !!!

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    William Spencer Guest


    paul where abouts in lincs do you live?i live in the concrete county(notts).absolutely love lincs,best sausages and potatoes in the land.could be most scenic.

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    Ashe Hurst Guest


    I see a chap on Tv a few years ago Eel fishing with hand lines in the Road drains in a town centre with all the night time traffic and drunks going past.

    Caught a few too if i remember correctly.

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