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Thread: Arctic Char

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    Myles Kelly Guest


    Hi to all,

    just joined and was wondering if any of you ever catch char? This is my favourite fish. (also like wrasse for some reason but am mainly a fly fisherman, wierd huh?)

    Anyway would like to hear about your char experiences...


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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Hi Myles, yep, I have fished for and caught Char here in Scotland.
    I use two methods, either flies fished deep (30 feet+)from a boat or, supprisingly, on the dry fly!!!
    The place I go is Loch Lee which is in the Grampian mountains on the North East side of Scotland. It feeds the North Esk river. Its a typical glacial loch, long, thin, cold and DEEP! It can be hard to find the buggers in there, but when u do, they seem to hit anything. I believe that there are Ferox in there too, but you can only fly fish, so no big lures. The biggest Charr I have seen was around 2 pounds, but the average seems to be about 8-12oz. However, they are the most beautifully coloured charr I have ever seen.
    Anyway, its nice to see a site on Charr...nice one!

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