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Thread: Rod Building

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    Birds Nest Guest


    Well as I'm gonna have some time on my hands due to the foot and mouth, I might try a bit of rod building. Does anyone still do this or is it a dying art (And I dont want ANYONE to come out with "Yeah Daiwa build loads of rods'!!)Where do you go for blanks etc..

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Yep, i build probably 80% of my own rods. I used to do it a side line for a shop here in Aberdeen, mainly fly and spinning rods, but I have built 3 Amourphouses, 6 North Westerns, Several Fibatubes, 2 Harrisons and too many other ones to mention, including split cane.
    I tend to get blanks via my dealer (Fibatube, North Westen) or via the Tackle Box in Kent. Have a look at the Greys of Alnwick site
    I can't find North Westen, but they are fantastic rods.
    I would reccommend any of the above.
    There are others, but I am not sure what u are after.
    Components such as rings, reel seats, handles etc can be got throught the Tackle box or many other shops.
    Hope this helps...any questions, just ask

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    Carp Angler Guest


    North Western are here
    NW Rods

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    The standars Carbon range of rods from North Wesren have never let me down. They are cracking value, I think I paie 54 for a 12 foot 2 and a quater test carp rod blank. I have put a 3 oz bomb a measures 111 yards with it, its landed carp, pike, bass, wrasse, pollack...anything u can mention, and its still as good today as it was when i made it up.
    I have about 9 rods on NW blanks...all brillient.

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    Chris Warren Guest


    I used to build all my own rods and really enjoyed it but with less time I've gone back to shop bought ones. Maybe I'll have another go. The worst bit used to be varnishing. Can you get away with putting epoxy varnish on just the wippings these days?

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Chris. Yes you can. All rods have a coating on them as standard these days. Even the Matt black blanks I get from the States only need the whippings epoxied. Makes life a lot easier!!

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    Ron Clay Guest


    I used to have a roller sustem connected to a small electric motor. all you had to do was put a blob of epoxy on the whipping and leave it to turn for about 5 hours in a clean atmosphere. You got the best of all finishes this way.

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Ron, yip, I had too, but now i just tuen the rod by hand for a few minutes, and its fine. Goos old modern 5 minute epoxy )

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    Chris Warren Guest


    When I used to build rods you ended up with exactly the rod you wanted and much cheaper than one off the peg. Having got interested again because of this thread it seems that you end up paying at least as much if not more than a commercially produced rod these days. I know you can get Sage fly rod blanks for half the rod price and therefore save money but this is not the case with coarse rod blanks. Do you end up with a better product?

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Chris, I bought 3 12 foot Amourphous blanks of of the Tackle Box in Kent, these cost me 375, rings cost 11 per rod (Fujis), reel seat, 7 per rod, full duplon handles, 14 each, blue thread, about 3 and epocy 10. Thats around 484 pounds in total. At that time, these rods were going for 275 each from Daiwa. Thats 825, therefore i saved 450. Geeeez..I never realised that!

    That is an extreme example though. What i like is the fact that I can have my full duplon or cork handle on a carp rod, I can have normal ringing instead of bloody long range **** that, when playing a fish, destroys the action. I can have my royal blue with silver tipped whippings and my name on the rod etc.

    I think that if you are looking at the better quality blanks, then u do save money, but at the lower end, I reckon I break even, but I have a better looking rod made my my own hand.

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