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    Ben hollingworth Guest


    i hope general cover this site, i dont like useing my real name on the posts. i would much prefer a nick name that feels less personal. i was wonderin if this has been talked about and what peoples views are on it.

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    Dave Rothery Guest


    why dont you like using your real name?

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    Dave, why don't you like using your real picture??

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    Ben hollingworth Guest


    dunno. i just hate using my real name on a public thing.

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    Fred Bonney Guest


    It has been discussed in the past and generally most were against it,along with emocions.
    If you have nothing to hide why use an alias?

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    Kevin Perkins Guest



    Don't worry about it, I use my real name and write as the 'Alternative Angler' and nobody take a blind bit of notice!!!!


    Vikke Spinner
    (I'm going to try this one to see if it works!)

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    Dave Slater Guest


    My Red Indian name is "One Fat *******" but I don't like using it in public so I call myself Dave on the site.

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    Birds Nest Guest


    Dont see how it matters.. most internet forums are populaated by people using nick names... what is wrong is using a nickname to hide behins when posting comments with the intent to stir up conflict... Which I hope ive never done...

    Ron Clay whats you real name? ;-)

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    Ben hollingworth Guest


    ok ok. i have nothing to hide. its just i hate my second name. a little long.

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    john conway Guest


    Birds Nest, I agree I donít have a problem with nick names. The problem starts when you use an alias to hide behind.

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