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Thread: How much?

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    Fred Bonney Guest


    It was interesting to see that Gary Knowles used 6 pints of casters to try and feed off Dace.This got me wondering how much you guys might spend on bait alone for a days fishing.
    I had a few hours on the Trent and used 3 pints maggots,pint casters, a kilo of hemp and half a kilo of maize about 16,plus staples,like worms,meat,bread and stilton for a 4 1/2 hour session.
    So,what would your normal bait cost be for a day on the water ?

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    Warren 'Hatrick' (Wol) Gaunt Guest


    25KG pellet, 15 tins of corn. Thats what went in last night. Going back down now with another 25KG!!!!!!!!!!

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    john conway Guest


    I pay 2 for a pint of maggots and 5 for petrol, I live along way form my nearest tackle shop. Re casters I generally buy more maggots than I need and let the rest turn to casters then freeze them to be used with hemp. I buy my hemp in 20kg bags, have a big boil up when our lass is out and put in 1kg bags and freeze, but I can't remember how much I pay per bag. I also buy crumb and layers chick mash in 20kg bags. In fact most of my bait with the exception of maggots is bought in bulk. Sweet corn ASDA, either loads of tins or frozen. Re particles, I'm just trying bulk wild bird seed, soaked for 2 days then boiled for 20mins. measured into 1kg bags and frozen. So far it looks very good. A night out on the bream is about 5kg of dry matter which when wetted makes about 2 to 2.5 gall of ground bait. So far with the winter chub I use about 1kg of hemp to 1 pint of casters and generally one large white loaf of bread of which the freezer is full. Interesting question this I'll make a note of what I'm paying and post it on this thread. BTW can you buy maggots through the post? I think I've asked this before but can't remember what was said, other than assuming the answer was no.

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    Dave Slater Guest


    If using the maggot feeder I can get through a gallon in the summer, one of the reasons I don't use the method much in the summer these days. It the winter three to four pints is plenty for a day. If I bait up with hemp and particles I can use several gallons at a time, particularly when sight fishing. I either use particles or big baits over the top. It is amazing how much fish can eat. Much of my fishing these days consists of short morning or evening sessions. I put in very little, if any, bait when fishing these sessions and sometimes I move about quite a bit if bites are not forthcoming. My four main baits on short sessions are cheese, bread, meat and lobworms. These short sessions are often more productive than longer sessions putting in a lot of bait. Just as well really as it works out MUCH cheaper.

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    Gary Knowles Guest



    Sorry, you misunderstood.

    On the session in question I used 8 pints of bait in total, when I cast downstream I had used 6 pints but not all caster. I use a 50/50 mix of caster and hemp so I only used 4 pints of caster during the session.

    I cant afford 8 pints of caster mate !!!!!!

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    Fred Bonney Guest


    I should think so too...
    My question followed on from a comment from the better half,she was in the shop with me,restricting my buying power,although she didn't know that,I don't think!!
    I was buying the maggots and casters and she said "how much" with a shriek.
    How embarrasing,I've told her she is not coming out shopping with me again!!!
    Having noted what's been said here and elsewhere on this site,I need to reconsider my loose feeding on the river.
    Warren,one days fishing for bream??

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    Gary Knowles Guest


    Top tip for you here Fred.

    Never, ever take the other half into a fishing tackle shop with you.

    My missus still thinks reels cost a fiver and bait just a few pence.........God if she only knew !!!

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    Shrek Guest


    OK, so I'll go to the other end of the scale. Either use 1 pint of hemp and 1 pint of caster, or 2 pints of maggots on most venues. If it's a still water then I'll use half a bag of groundbait matched with the same amount of brown crumb.

    Always freeze whatever bait is leftover for the next time too.

    I feel like a right cheap skate.

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    Warren 'Hatrick' (Wol) Gaunt Guest


    One night, back down there now for another night. Too hot to be sitting around during the day, and i aint to confident on getting a whacker at the moment, mid July onwards should be interesting.

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    Cakey Guest


    When we out next Wol ??
    Im booking a day off next week.
    see if roto wants to come.
    phone Stu too .
    anyone else fancy a dabble ???

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