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    Jack Pike Guest


    Just wondering how do you post a direct link to a webpage when posting on the forums someone did tell me once but I forgot thanx JP

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    Richard Drayson Guest


    I did an article about this subject a few months ago.
    You should find all you want to know here

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    john conway Guest


    Graham, or whoever’s the stand in dungeon master while Graham gets better, hope you get back on the rivers soon Graham, what’s the position with the <a href=>Photo Gallery?</a> It would be nice if we could post a link to photos relevant to a particular thread.
    Hope this works, trying to post a link to a thread re Posting Photos on FM?

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    john conway Guest


    Brilliant Richard your instructions on how to post a thread worked first time, I’ve now printed it out for future use. Thanks again Richard.

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    I've since learned that to set up a photo gallery properly (and that's the only way we want to do it on FM) takes a massive amount of code and space. Which doesn't mean to say it won't happen, it most definitely will, but it's going to take longer than we thought.

    In the meantime, If anyone particularly wants to show a photo to illustrate something, or simply to let us all see a special fish, then just send it to me and I'll put it on a page on the site and then supply a link to it. Obviously there is a limit to how often I can do that - but try me and I'll soon say if I can't cope.

    Send them as JPEGS to <a>graham@fishing</a>, along with a few details of what the picture is all about.

    Try to limit them to no more than 200k.

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    Oh, and thanks for the kind words John! I'm getting there, but slowly.

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