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    Mark Williams Guest


    I must say I think Barrie Rickards is playing games with us when he takes people to task for using barbless single hooks when predator fishing. I've watched people unhooking pike from barbed trebles - clueless, the pike thrashing in the gravel, bleeding, until they give up and put it back hooks still in. That's why pike and zander - very fragile fish - get killed when caught. It's just that they're over-handled.
    Using two trebles sometimes results in the loose hook going into an eyeball - it's happened to me two or three times - in 30 years. Probably about the same risk as a barbless single piercing a pike's heart, which is about the size of your thumbnail. But I don't hear Barrie campaigning for the end of 'snap' tackles. Going barbless - for the average guy - saves more fish than it kills.
    As for Matt earning 400 a day for tuition, good luck to him. There are plenty of guides charging less, so the punter can decide. But at that rate, Matt could feasibly earn himself 85k a year from guiding - If Matt's earning that, I'm in the wrong job, and so, I suspect, is Barrie. So don't try to tell us it's not a lot of money.

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    Les Clark Guest


    Mark,I see what your saying, but"the pike thrashing in the gravel" is not down to treble hook`s,barbed or barbless,firstly the pike should be on a unhooking mat,secondly,it should`nt be thrashing about,thirdly,the "pike angler" should`nt be pike fishing,becouse he`s no pike angler,he`s a waste of space.
    I totaly agree about the price of guides,as ive said on Lisa`s tread,400 is a week`s wages for me,and it`s not a job I enjoy.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    A week's wage Les?

    Halve it and that's mine.... :0(

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    Gerry Castles Guest


    I don't seriously believe that any one style of hook is better for a pike's health than any other. Whether it's trebles, doubles, singles, circles, barbed or barbless, they all have a place in piking.
    I use a mixture of barbed and barbless trebles for lure and bait fishing, trebles, doubles and singles for lure fishing and barbed and barbless circles for flyfishing.
    Ultimately they all make a hole in a fishes mouth and they all cause either pain or discomfort depending on which 'latest report on whether fish feel pain' you happen to read. No hook is a good hook if you're very concerned about a fishes health. If you like piking go fishing, if you just like pike then don't. Somebody else said that, can't remember who, might have been Dave Lumb.
    On the question of Matt Hayes and what he charges for a days guided fishing (its' actually 450,)from what I've seen of his exploits I don't think he's worth it. I could have nearly a week on the Broads with Charlie for that, a much better deal. But I accept that there are people out there with more money than sense who will pay that kind of money and I wouldn't deny Matt Hayes the right to take their money.
    As for Barrie Rickards, whilst every predator angler in the country probably owes him a debt of gratitude for helping us to understand more about the fish we catch and developing new and challenging ways to catch them, his views nevertheless are not tablets of stone and you should temper his ideas with your own experiences and only then accept or reject what he has to say.

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    The club i belong to has a rule where as you cant fish for pike regardless of age or experience untill you have turned up for a pike teach in and get your permit stamped,i know what a lot of fishermen are now thinking ,ive fished for pike since i was a kid etc,etc what can it teach me and i was the same but not all of us treat fish as we should and i for one think it would be a good idea if a lot more clubs adopted this idea to safeguard thier pike stocks.As for Barrie....bloody nice bloke.

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    Les Clark Guest


    Ron,pull the other one!

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    Cakey Guest


    85k aint a lot,my mate david earns that a week for a couple of 90min periods.

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    It's the old, old story again, just the same as the price of fishing tackle. People will charge what they think they can get.

    Would you sell anything for 50.00 to Mr X if Mr Y offered you a hundred?

    Do you blame Matt Hayes for charging 450.00 if there are people willing to pay it? Or do you think he should half that at least and devalue himself?

    Get real. That's life.

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    Stuart Bullard Guest

    Default about earning yourself a tenner then Graham? I could do with a days tuition!

    Anyway - at 450 per day, assuming he does 220 days, which he would never do anyway, earns him max 99k.

    That wouldn't buy you enough mortgage to get a flat in the south east!

    Its as Graham says, its down to the person buying to judge value. It would soon go down if he wasn't getting booked. Good luck to him.

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    Anyone who wants some tuition on pike angling can get it free from the pac.The only fella i would consider paying is gord burton and that would be for his entertainment value.Matt hayes is probably a good angler, im not sure.I think most would pay just to say they had fished with him.If matts worth 400 Barrie must be worth a grand.
    The hyped name in pike fishing at the moment is dave kellbrick with his ten years of Exclusive lure fishing(fox catalogue)I can call on fellas with twenty plus.Has anyone else bought some of his lures.Oh dear.If you buy the crankbaits,buy some epoxy and get your drill out.

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