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Thread: Venue Reports

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    Dave Slater Guest


    On the front page there is a piece urging us to post to the venue reports section.
    It is interesting that there is a picture of John Conway, as John and I discussed this briefly as part of a thread on a different subject.
    John posts to the venue reports section but does not give the exact location of the stretch he is fishing. I choose not to post to this section. My reasons are much the same as choosing to no longer report my fish to the angling press. As a relative newcomer to the site I try not to be a "tightwad" with information but prefer to use other sections of the site. I think there is a danger that people can go onto the site, go straight to the venue reports section and extract what information they want without contributing anything.
    The other sections seem to be more discussion platforms. Venues are discussed at times but it is more personal and you know who you are dealing with. My feeling is that people looking at these 'threads' are more likely to make a contribution themselves. I have learned a lot from these 'threads' and I hope I have made a useful contribution to some of the threads on river fishing topics.
    I am a little reluctant to post to the venues reports as I can get a bit paranoid about circus/guides/general parasites. I don't mind helping anybody but I hate commercialism in fishing. Am I being over cynical or does anybody else feel this way?

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    The venue reports are like any reports about fishing. You draw the line at actually revealing the precise swim, or even stretch, where you're fishing, both in fairness to yourself and to others.

    The Ribble is a big river so a report that says 'the Ribble below Ribchester' isn't telling anybody anything that matters. But the rest of the report can be very helpful in many other ways.

    Although I do understand that it could be more difficult to disguise the exact area on smaller, more intimate waterways.

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    Geoff Cowen Guest


    Dave, The thing about fishing is - what catch today does not always catch tomorrow.
    By the time you have posted a report the water condition and weather have changer, so I don't think it matters that much. I always tell people what I am catching on while I'm fishing. If it helps them catch it helps the sport. It a lesson I learned from fly fishing, people are always helpful unlike the Carp fishermen who generally don't even give you the time of day. Sad secretive lot!

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    Sascha Welsch Guest


    The "good" carp fishermrn do not have a problem giving out information to anyone asking as long as that individual is willing to put some of their own thought into the matter as well. Those that are extremely secretive generally don't know a great deal. I'd never expect someone to give me a swim location, bait breakdown etc but I've had some very good and helpful information on this site from the likes of Big Rick, Stu Dennis, Andy and Dave Frothery amongst others and countless guys on the bank.

    It's all a matter of showing that you don't want things handed to you on a plate and picking the right info out of the answers you get. A decent discussion on a carp fishing topic involves feedback as well as information gathering.

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    Warren 'Hatrick' (Wol) Gaunt Guest


    Dave Frothery, lmao, i new it would stick.

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    Dave Rothery Guest



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    Dave Rothery Guest


    i think the secretive carp angler is a thing of the past - most are only too keen to tell what they've caught and what bait company they are trying to get sponsorship from!
    seems to me its the barbel and chub guys that are all hush hush!

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    Sascha Welsch Guest


    Sorry Dave, couldn't resist.

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    Ian Whittaker Guest


    True anglers trade information freely .

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    I cant hold my own water, and when i have a good catch tell everyone.What i probably keep back is the effort thats gone in to it.My experience is that most wont put the same amount in and so dont get the same out.The only thing i keep secret are pike swims.If you fish for pike youl know why.

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