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    Birds Nest Guest


    What fishing tackle/bait etc have you brought online ? Any real Bargains ? Wheres good wheres bad ?

    Personally I've used and, found them all to be good....

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    Birds Nest Guest



    Dont drink at lunch I say !!

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    I use Harris Angling. No complaints at all, and very prompt. Also Brundall Angling Centre, which I think now goes under the name of Again, excellent service!

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    Malcolm Bason Guest


    I have purchased tackle and books from Bennetts of Sheffield, online, and though I had to wait for the books - otherwise no complaints.

    I chose Harris Angling for some lures - which arrived within 48hrs.

    Best of all, I find, is Carp Lines (now Angling Lines I believe) from which I have ordered Monster Crab mix, hooks, rigs (before I made my own), x-seed, part-used flavourings (great for trying out new ones) and plenty of other stuff - all have arrived on the day stated - usually 3 days.


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    Malcolm Bason Guest


    Sorry, also Haith's for seed:

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    Chris Warren Guest


    Harris Angling gives superb service. I've used Nimpopo two or three times and have actually had a problem twice, but that may just be bad luck. Also when I wanted a Chub haversack although their listed price was much cheaper than the shop price by the time postage was added it ended up being almost the same.

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