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    Shrek Guest


    Had booked a Red Letter Day experience to go fishing with Bob James on the 30th August. Yesterday I received a letter sent special delivery saying that "due to circumstance beyond our control, we have had to cancel your booking". The letter then goes on to say that I can happily rebook or choose something else. Well, I've tried to do this all day today and haven't been able to get through on any of the numbers they have given. Everytime I call I get dumped to a voice prompt that says they are phenominally busy and could I call again.


    Has anybody heard anything about this company going bust or is anyone else getting the same responses if they try to contact them too?

    Any info you may have would be good.

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    Stu Black Guest


    Adrian, I may well be very wrong but i seem to recall someone else on FM having a similar experience. Try a search?

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    ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one) Guest

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    ******,ive just booked the same thing after being given it for an xmas bonus by the boss,although after trying to book it on the net with no joy i phoned and managed to book it for Sept,it was a lot of messing about though.

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    Shrek Guest


    All is well on the Red Letter Front.

    I rang on Friday morning and got straight through. The chap I spoke to said that they were completely inundated with calls as people suddenly realised that their vouchers expired on 31st July 2003 and therefore had to book them or lose them.

    Needless to say I am now booked in this saturday to go to the Kennet and hear from Mr James. Get to take my own tackle too so centrepin here we come.

    I'll put something on next week letting you all know how it goes.


    P.S. Eddie, I tried the email and I still haven't had a response from that either.

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    Thats queer i had to book mine by the end of Oct , and they said they will supply fishing gear.

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