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    john conway Guest


    How does this affect Is this good or bad news? Hate to loose all you guys if the this type of web page/forum is not very secure.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    I would imagine that less competition will only make FM stronger.

    AT, I would imagine, get fleeting visits and a quick turn around of members, whereas FishingMagic have long term members and people who view the site as an extension of their passion.

    I see ourselves as a better quality of customer )

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    Dave Johnson Guest


    Careful Rik, dont forget we have Sedge....

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    Mike Fidler Guest


    Sad for Purnell though as he came across as a hard working guy with sound Idea's unlike his ex deputy editor at IYCF.

    Just show's that this site is the best though doesn't it?

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    The AT site was in its Fledgling state and is probably a victim of corporate decisions rather than anything they in particular did wrong.

    However the site didn't really get its act together with the paper. I didn't get the impression that they complimented each other particularly well.

    Fishingmagic is focused on one element only, the net, so does not suffer from an identity crisis and does what it was intended for well.

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    Paul Hancock Guest


    This may be a big mistake on the part of AT. I am surprised that there are not more sites on the web. You get the news quicker you get a forum etc etc, but I suppose the costs need to be secured to keep it all going. You would have thought the tackle trade would see the benefits but maybe not?
    Ultimately I believe it will make Fishingmagic stronger.

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    In many ways it does make Fishingmagic stronger but good, healthy competition makes everyone try harder which is not a bad thing.

    Dave Cooper got it spot on when he said that the paper and the website didn't complement each other. I'm told that the newspaper/magazine section didn't like it when the digital section published news ahead of them. Which is a bit short-sighted to say the least when other websites like FM were publishing it anyway.

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