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    Dave Johnson Guest


    No punches held there Graham -which is good, but do we take it you did'nt actually catch a barb on it?

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    Hi Graham;

    Got to agree the bag is poor and the graphics are way over the top, but what a fun rod for catching barbel with.

    I used it on Severn and have had 5-6lb barbel with it. The tip on the standard quiver tip is superb for registering bites, strong enough to lob a full method feeder 25 yards (sorry pureists among you)and has the power in the mid section to halt a barbel running for the weed.

    i haven't used the other top section with the interchangable tips yet but they all fit together vey nicely.

    I only paid £45.95 for mine rather than the RRP of £79.99 so i consider this to be a good deal for a quality rod.

    I'd never heard of grauvell befor but will keep an eye for their products from now on.



    ps I bought it from Deeside Fishing Tackle in North Wales and they had some left - 01244 813 674

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    I have to agree with previous post that the rod is actually a stunner. The bag is **** but the graphics are not that bad. I bought mine from J&K in Bicester for £49 not the £79 recommended so you have to consider this is a bargain rod for what it is. I have used mine on the Kennet using both tops and caught Barbel to 5lb and chub. Last week I also used the quiver top with heaviest tip for method fishing for carp and caught up to 12lb. I recon it makes a perfect rod for taking carp off the top with the 1 3/4 avon top.

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    At £40-odd instead of £80.00 you'll get no arguments from me. It's a damn good rod for that money, in spite of the graphics and bag. But I did say it wasn't a bad blank, which is why it was such a pity it was let down by the presentation.

    It's worth mentioning too, that the company have taken the criticism in the right spirit and will do something about it.

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    Stuart Bullard Guest


    Its funny, I was going to put up a thread about tackle reviews.

    I went back over my old IYCF and CF mags yesterday as I was trying to find a particular review done some time ago. What struck me was that not once did I read any real criticism about a product, and the lowest score I found was 8/10.

    Cant be right can it?

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    John Hepworth Guest


    "Avon" type rods, I am just wondering how high a T.C. can these go. Poor old Dick walker must be turning in his grave. Forgive me in my ignorance.

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    I use a Shimano Aero 1.25lb Avon with 1,2,3 and 4oz quivers and what beaut of a rod it is. Soft at the top but progressive and it will handle big fish. Having said that, with barbel in particular, there are times when its a bit too forgiving and a heavier test curve is the only answer to that, so yes John I'm afraid there is a need for heavier rods and I think Dick Walker(were he here) would have sussed that too.

    Politicians, like diapers, have to be changed frequently - and for the very same reason

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    Jon and Mike, why don't you do your own review of this rod in the Member Review section: <a href=>he re</a> for the benefit of anyone thinking of buying one. Much better if they have your views as well as mine.

    Stuart, you have chance to set the record straight on the Member Review section too, by giving your own opinion about any tackle you've used. If it isn't listed you'll find a link whereby you can add it, or let us know if the brand isn't present.

    John, I wouldn't set too much store by the 'Avon type' description. Just as all vacuum cleaners are called hoovers, most non-match and non-carp rods are referred to as 'Avon Types'. Probably time to worry when they're Called 'Avon' rods rather than 'Avon' types.

    I think Walker would be more worried about all the 3lb to 4lb TC rods that are called carp rods, considering the MK4 Carp rod was just 1 1/2lb TC.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    "I went back over my old IYCF and CF mags yesterday as I was trying to find a particular review done some time ago. What struck me was that not once did I read any real criticism about a product, and the lowest score I found was 8/10..."

    What always surpises me is the amount of gear the mags review without anyone ever fishing with it.

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    Ron (Rontroversial) Clay Guest


    Did anyone read Coarse Fisherman this month.

    I rarely agree with John Bailey, but he is dead right when he says that shorter more flexible rods are better for putting maximum pressure on big fish than those horrid abortions you see today called "Carp Rods".

    The FM concept is the ideal compremise - the best of both worlds. Same test curve as the Mk IV too.

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