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    Ron Clay Guest


    In the latest issue of Angling Star, Barrie Rickards in his regular column writes about killing coarse fish for food.
    "I have warned coarse anglers time and time again that if they think that taking the occasional coarse fish (perch, eels or pike) for food is wrong, then they'll need to explain why they pull 'em in and put 'em back. The pundits say that that is cruel, not eating fish."
    Where it is allowed and where a species is prolific, I have often killed and eaten the odd perch, jack pike, eel, zander, black bass, tilapia and even carp.
    I have never had a problem with doing so as I find the act of eating your catch philosophically sound.

    What do you think?

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    p jackson Guest


    ron i may upset one or two people here but coarse fish were placed into man made pit and lakes hundreds of years ago by ie farmer and monks etc as a food source. one for the pot in my book is fine also alot of waters wouldn't be here today if it was not for this practise

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    Andrew Thomas Guest


    To find fault with this argument one would have to be an unreconstructed vegan: plastic shoes and nylon shirts[nasty!]

    I support the motion.

    ps: Perch are delicious, I ate them in a Canadian restaurant. Pike also,en France. Can't speak for carp.

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    p jackson Guest


    here here , carp taste a bit fishy ! want to sample coarse fish try Bolton fish market

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    Goose Ganderton Guest


    As long as you have plenty of chips and brown sauce, and I must say I prefere mine straight out of newspaper but not the Sport cos its covered in **** and I should know cos I work for them now and again.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Come on Ron, think of a new thread.
    You ran this one up the flagpole a couple of months ago.
    Remember if you take fish from a water then you need permission to do so from the owners, otherwise it's theft.

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    Paul Williams Guest


    Do you take pic's for the Sport??? you want someone to carry your camera???? )

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    p jackson Guest


    carp angler you are right permission is needed i had permission thanks to the owner look on local fish stall or ask then to get some. didn't know this one had run before thank anyway.

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    I think the attitudes towards the eating of coarse fish has changed a lot in recent years. Read some old angling books and you'll find recipes for bream, tench, chub etc, the whole lot.
    I had a grand-father, who due to the society in which he grew up, would eat (mostly) anything that moved. He would see coarse fish as 'for the pot'.
    But times have changed and most anglers these days would not want to eat barbel, roach or gudgeon etc. We live in a more prosperous society where the need to 'kill to eat' is not essential any longer. Therefore, most of us are happy with taking a few photos and letting our catch go.
    It's not just towards coarse fish, but towards game that there's been a change. It's very rare these days to see the shop that has has unskinned rabbits, unplucked pheasants et al hung up waiting to be sold.
    I think it's true to say that the taking of (coarse) fish to eat would be more prevalent the older the generation you look at. (No disrespect to anyone intended by that last remark, by the way)

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    p jackson Guest


    none taken stewart as i am in my early thirties and i'll eat most things that move but still if asked to remove a fish iwould sooner eat it than throw it in the bush other wise the pleasure is to put them back to catch another day

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