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Thread: disinfectant

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    Martin James Guest


    Hi everyone Think seriously about this What checks are being done to see
    that we don't get a leakage of disinfectants into our rivers and
    streams. I am getting concerned after seeing disinfectant poured on
    straw, I then watched it flow across the road into a cattle walk this
    was down in the New Forest. This evening I watched vehicles going across
    disinfectant mats and people washing vehicles on the road near Lake
    Windermere Surely this leaches into our water courses. Write to your MP
    and the EA now don't leave it to the other guy Martin James

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    Phil Hackett Guest


    Well said Martin!
    I would go further and suggest that all anglers E-mail MAFF on their information web site and ask them what these disinfectants contain. Any of the following are dangerous to the water environment in large quantities such as is being use in some areas -
    Organochlorine, organophosphates and sodium hypaclorite (Bleach)

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    Ron Clay Guest


    I have wrung my hands in despair when i read of the vast quatities of disinfectant that has been use to supposedly prevent the FMD virus spreading. Putting down puddles of disinfectant and wading or driving through it will not do anything!!!
    Have any of you sat down and worked out how a virus epidemic spreads? Do any of you know what a virus is?
    It is a particle so small that compared with a bacterium its like a flea on a football. It can be carried by the wind. It can be carried in a letter posted from the far side of the world.
    The use of disinfectants in this way is a crime, perpetrated by ignorant people working on the idiotic princible of not what is done, but what is seen to be done!!

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    What's the difference between the disinfectant they use for f & m and the disinfectant we commonly dip our nets in at commercial fisheries?

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    Ron Clay Guest


    Its probabley the same. Such disinfectants will kill harmful bacteria on the net mesh but will not do much against viruses which can be on your clothes, hands other items of tackle etc etc.

    I saw some footage of a lorry driving through a pool of the stuff on TV. The lorry had a load of straw and bits of it were blowing in the wind.....

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    Paul Williams Guest


    The problem as i see it is going to be the amount that is being must kill off all bacteria good and bad, it can't be must affect the natural food chain.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    Of course it does. Back again to ignorance. The vast majority of bactera around are exceedingly beneficial.
    I'll bet most people in Britain call them "germs". That word should be banned.

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    sam oddy Guest


    You and yours on radio 4 did a piece on the potential problems watercourses face earlier in the week.

    Apparently phenol based disifectant e - takes years to dissipate. The ecologist interviewed was Brian Morland who plainly stated that the river Ure is only now getting back to its pre-1967 condition.

    I must admit I don't pretend to understand the science behind disinfectant and all its environmental effect. I was however horrified at the effects of modern sheep dips leeching into watercourse as presented by our local EA at a conference some 2/3 years ago.

    Judging by the quantities of disinfectant used locally during this crisis I would guess that the damage has already been done. I just wonder what if any consultation was sought of the envoironment groups.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    Absolutely none, you can bet.
    The modern buzz word for many disinfectants is biocide. These things generally do not kill selectively, they kill everything and will kill humans if it is ingested.

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