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    Dave Slater Guest


    In this morning's papers it says Microsoft will be closing all chat rooms including those on hobbies. Graham, will this affect F.M. as the threads form a type of chat room?

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    FM's forum has nothing whatsoever to do with Microsoft. They probably mean MSN Messenger and the chat rooms they actually control.

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    Les Clark Guest


    The spokewoman said this morning,they wont be closeing MSN messenger becouse people use it for chat`s on a subjeck i.e. fishing ect,and most people "know" each other.
    It`s the chat room`s with no set subjeck`s that people come and go on a day to day base`s that they are closeing down,that is the excuse,but they are not makeing money out of them.

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    John Hepworth Guest


    Dave, I think CHAT rooms are a little different from message and forum boards in that the exchange is done in real time and is on a one to one basis, at least thats how understand them to work (not that I have any experience of them you understand)A bit like typed C.B. radio.

    Johnny H. (15years old with body like you have never seen before)

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    Stuart Bullard Guest


    Good riddance to it. I think it was a bit more complicated than that, because the chat rooms, in some way, enabled email id's to be heavily "spammed". But frankly I didnt really understand.

    My daughter recently set up her 1st email address. She is 13. I had a bit of a pop at her because I wanted to know about these things (and monitor it) and she hadn't told me.

    So, she logged on via my laptop at home. It was her first time since setting it up. She had also let on that she had been into a chat room at school, but that this is heavily monitored.

    Anyway, the fourth email went something along the lines of

    "Hi Alice, I hear you are 13...blah blah ....and I would like to get to know your hot lips". His age was "in his thirties".

    I dont care what the law says, the way I felt at the time, had I known how to find him, well..........we couldn't work out how he got the information as her email address did not contain her name (so at least she listened to one bit of advice, even if she didn't tell me!).

    Oh yes, and the rest of the emails in the inbox consisted of numerous lurid invitations to porn sites.

    Shame - a great medium, but too dangerous for me to let my kids easy access.......or am I just getting an old sad git!

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    Les Clark Guest


    Stuart,not a sad old git,just a very concerened father.

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    The Monk Guest


    you need to control your childrens access to these things, any parent should do the same, unfortunately Stuart there are some very sick people out there!

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    John Hepworth Guest


    I think It will be a good thing for all when they are all closed down. Im not sure if it was the same thing, but when I set up to use AOL I used to get instant messages, one in particular from a very anoyiong female. She stopped when I said that I spent most of my time chasing after Leucescus cephalus, the fatter the better. I think she thought I was some kind of pervert.
    Perhaps she was right, my wife always said that the CSG was only a cover for a load of perverts enyway.

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    Dave Slater Guest


    CSG cover for a load of perverts John? Perhaps Mr.Normal is right about Kevin Clifford's glasses.

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    alan outen Guest


    Stuart, try they can trace a person from the email address but they charge for it. i think there is some software you can get that will do the same sort of thing. if not you could tell the police and they should do it for you.

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