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    Birds Nest Guest


    In the ukm we are always quick to complain, but not to compliment..

    I'm travling a lot with work, does nothing for my fishing, but does give me plnty of time to read. I've given up with the cisco OS book, and had heard good things about Tony Miles Chasing Dreams.. So I ordered a copy Friday morning from and it arrived today, saturday...

    Super stuff...

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    The Monk Guest


    Tony Miles is an excellent anglers and a lovely chat, I have all his other books, very educational, I`m sure this one is everybit as good!

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    Birds, the editorial review is here: <a href=>Chasing Dreams</a>.

    Why not do your own review here:<a href=>User review, 'Chasing Dreams'</a>

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    Dave Slater Guest


    Laneman do excellent books. I have 7 of their books and they are all a very good read.

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    Birds Nest Guest


    Once I've read it I will!!!

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