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Thread: Trophy Shot

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    Goose Ganderton Guest


    There have been many debates and heated arguments on this and all the other angling forums regarding the use of keepnets.

    Most anglers who use keepnets do so in a sensible way. One of the points raised during the debates is that most anglers find it unnecessary and indeed unacceptable to faul a keepnet with a large number of fish onto the bank for the show off "look what I caught" trophy picture.

    I personally do not like to see these pictures in the weekly papers or magazines and was surprised to see the picture on your current Digital Diary "Bag-up on Border". It was an interesting article and you were obviously given special privileges as keepnets are banned with the exception of matches. But is it necessary for you to use this type of picture to illustrate an article just for our benefit.

    I feel that most people here are sensible anglers and have a very high concern for fish welfare (as I am sure you have) and that when they use keepnets it is done so in a manner that does not cause harm to the fish.

    The only way we ordinary folk have of changing thing is to voice our opinion.

    I DO NOT want to re-open the keepnet debate, as it has been done to death and this type of debate only ads fuel to the Antiís.

    The question I would like to ask which only requires a Yes or No answer is

    Do you want to see the keepnet trophy shot? Yes or No

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Goose, a couple of points. You state you don't want to open the keepnet debate, but surely a mail like this will prompt response? Secondly, an answer will no doubt require more than a simple yes or no from anyone that replies, in order to clarify points raised.
    As for me, I don't own a keepnet, and have got to borrow a couple for next weeks match at Clattercote..The reason I don't own a net is that I fish for specimen fish, so once caught, photos are the order of the day before the fish is released. I also rove a lot, particularly when fishing rivers.
    But, I have no objections to the use of keepnets, although I understand that your point is more to a 'point of law' rather than the general use.

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    Dave Johnson Guest



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    Goose Ganderton Guest


    The question was DoYou want to see keepnet trophy shots YES or NO its quite a simple question really.

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Yes, but in order for you to ask the question, there was need for several paragraphs to explain where you were heading. And likewise, in order for anyone to fully communicate what they feel, there'll also be the need to expand on their answer.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    There are also several ways to take the keepnet trophy shot.
    Some not bad and some abysmal.
    I think single word answers aren't really appropriate on a 'discussion' forum.

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    Goose Ganderton Guest


    Sedge can I just state that I have NO objections to the correct use of Keepnets and that for certain species I do you them. But I do object to the full keepnet trophy shot as I feel that it is not conducive to good fish welfare.

    The only way we as concerned anglers, ( if indeed the rest of you are concerned anglers ) have to get sites like FM to introduce or amend their policies is for us to object. All I am trying to do is see if there is sufficient objection to the use of this type of photograph with the hope that Graham will introduce a No keepnet trophy picture policy.

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    Goose Ganderton Guest


    So Rik can you enlighten me on how is the best way to load 25Ib of fish into a landing net (as Graham as done) while still practicing good fish welfare

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Goose, that's OK, I understood that you didn't have an objection to the use of nets, just this specific point, hence my earlier comment about 'point of law'.
    I guess you'll just have to wait until Mr M rises from his beauty sleep for his reply.
    I don't own a net anyway, but I'm interested to see how the discussion develops.

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    Goose Ganderton Guest


    So Sedge do you object to this type of photograph being used or not.

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