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Thread: Tackle Shops

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    Ron Clay Guest


    After reading Sedges latest thread and of reading that something like 5 tackle shops a month are closing down, I couldn't help wondering what state our sport will be in in a few years time. Where is the average guy going to buy his maggots and casters for a start?
    What is the answer?

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    sam oddy Guest


    Don't think there is one Ron. Certainly there has been a growing polarisation of major tackle buys towards a relatively few mailorder companies.

    Talking specifically about maggots I tend only to buy them in the winter when targetting grayling. From a quick mental review more alternate baits spring up and are"refined" each year. I can foresee the day when traditional livebaits such as maggots and worms are only available from either large fishing stores or on site at commercial fisheries.This seems to appeal to certain sections of the sport who, in common with large parts of the general public, expect everything done for them.You know the scenario, turn up. buy bait, catch a sackfull of starving fish and in the pub to watch the match.

    I certainly think that conventional, small tackle shops are on the way out much in the same way that the corner shop, the butcher etc have demised. The blame lies with us for not spending enough, society's desire for instant low input gratification - just look at the parlous state of club memberships, the ease of mail order shopping via credit card. End of rant.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    Good point Sam. For my own angling I hardly need to go to a tackle shop these days. All my fly fishing and tying stuff can be purchased mail order. For my coarse fishing I can get most of the baits I use at the supermarket or by digging in the garden. the rest- mail order. Your average angler and matchman wouldn't put a rod together if they couldn't get maggots. I would suggest that perhaps 60% of British coarse anglers use maggots most of the time. What we shall see I guess is anglers becoming less and less, perhaps by 60% of the current coarse fishing population?

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    I can't see this getting to a point where you can't get local tackle or bait.

    It may mean that fewer shops survive and support a greater area perhaps. Where you may have a chice of two or three now you might only have one in the not too distant future.

    For instance, in Cardiff where I live, there are five shops that I know of. If two or even three closed down, it would make the survivors sronger. I could still get my bait in town in town, perhaps having to drive a mile or two further for it.

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