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    Is Martin right? Is it time we attacked the anti-angling brigade, verbally and in writing of course, instead of just sitting around defending ourselves every time they launch an attack?

    What can we do then? One thing we can do is write to local newspapers every chance we get to put a positive side of angling across.

    What else can we do?

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    Stewart Bloor goes on the attack in his Pilgrim's Progress article of last week, and in this coming Thursday's PP illustrates that PETA tell lies in their propaganda, twisting what the Bible says to make points.

    Stewart, an ordained minister, puts the record straight.

    The battle hots up, let's give them some stick!

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    Ron Clay Guest


    I have been asked to give an after dinner speech at the South Yorks Rotarians meeting on 7th April. The subject of talk will be angling and conservation. Any ideas on the subject matter to help me prepare a resume for what I am going to say?

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Stoney and friends raising thousands of pounds every year for the MacMillan nurses needs national exposure.
    So do all the other 'smaller' events that raise loads of money for charities.

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    Gary Knowles Guest


    I always tell angling sceptics, if they wish their grandchildren to be able to paddle in little brooks and fish for minnows in clear rivers then get behind us.

    Lets face it without fishermen no-one would give a sh*t about the state of our rivers. Also I always quote the fact that something like 95% of all prosecutions agains the polluters are brought about by the ACA. Again if we waited for the government to take them to task the water authourites (biggest polluters) would get away with a few thousand pound fine - usually because the same people sit on the who impose the fines sit on the board of the water authorities being fined - allegedly.

    Dont get me started on this one.....

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    Steve Muir Guest


    If anyone needs convincing what Martin James is saying visit and have a look at what they are asking the
    general public to get up to in the (what you can do section)


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    Kelvin Moore Guest


    I think there if everyone who has a vested interest in angling (anglers, manufacturers, fishery owners, tackle retailers,etc ect) works together we have a much greater potential to defend ourselves against these people.

    They are a minority at the moment and even though they might have millions of dollars available to them, the combined resources of the list above would probably be greater, it would not be difficult to do many things to 'promote' our belevoed sport. However it will take an effort by US ALL!

    The important thing is we need to be proactive and influence opinion before the antis have the chance to taint the picture. If we wait to 'defend' ourselves its often too late...

    We need to introduce education programs into schools to help increase numbers and understanding, promote the good that the sport does at any and every opportunity, use 'famous' people who fish to promote the sport - they use them to promote milk! ;-) Just a few ideas but Im sure you get the idea.

    There is a wealth of media available to us these days, we use the internet to chat amongst ourselves and know what a powerful tool it is, why dont we start to use it more to our advantage???

    Its time to take a stance, I for one will be doing my bit. If there's anyone interested in getting together to see what we can do let me know.

    I'll get off my soapbox now I think! ;-)

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    john conway Guest


    For thirty years or more I have argued for the right of young people to choose to be exposed to real adventure I’ve fought for right to explore the mountains, caves and wild places, and I’ll fight for the right to hunt and fish. All these activities are so important to our mental stability and happiness. The pursuit and capture of a quarry is as much a part of our nature as is the need to be competitive or seek adventure. To remove any of these natural instincts is to mess around with what for millions of years has made us human. Although in this day and age we do not need, as individuals, to grow our own food there is still a great desire to do so and that desire is no less in those who would hunt and fish. If we didn’t fish other predators would still pursue, kill or injure fish and it would be no consolation to the fish whether enjoyment was a reason for their death or not. Nor would these predators modify their activities because a species was endangered. The disruption Anglers cause to fish it is a very small price to pay to ensure their survival. Who else would be as concerned for their welfare as the angler? If the anti’s succeed in banning fishing then you can say good-by to the fish, because I’m dam sure it wont be them who will put their hands in their pockets to finance the continuing survival of fish. Make no mistake they are also hunters who cause pain and suffering in pursuit of their own self importance and their next victim.
    Sorry to go on a bit lads, but these antis don’t half wind me up with their half-truths and lies.

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    Goose Ganderton Guest


    The main problem with organising an attack strategy is apathy, there is far too much of the " They wont ban fishing, It'll never happen" mentality amongst anglers.

    There was a similar debate on AnglersNet awhile back. One idiot's reply to the question of what we should do was " I think that we should just keep our heads down and not draw attention to ourselves, then maybe the antis will go away and leave us alone.

    It is only now that anglers are starting to realise that the antis pose a real threat to our sport.
    Graham is right on the mark in his opening post when he says that it is time we went on the attack instead of always being on the defensive.

    The US group PETA have decided to target fishing in the UK because they see us as a soft target with a government (which ever party is in power) as being extremely ease to influence. Which is the reason for the house of commons bill to ban hunting with dogs, and its no good jumping up and saying "Bloody labour government " remember it was a free vote with no party line to tow, just as many Tories as labour members voted for the ban.

    The question is what can we do?

    We need to be putting our case across to Local and National government, the Media and most importantly the Public.

    How do we do it?

    What is the most powerful tool we have?
    You're staring at it. We can use the power of the Internet, but we have to be united in our actions and we need to be organised.
    Most large organisations such as media, council's etc have their own servers for e-mail so lets use this to our own advantage by blitzing them with e-mail.

    Someone on another thread said there was an anti angling program on BBC radio 5. So we post the facts on this and every other fishing site and blitz them with e-mail not just a few but thousands and on a global scale and every 24 hours until we receive a satisfactory reply. It can be done, it should be done and we could do it. It would screw up their systems on which they rely for news feeds from umpteen press agencies and media suppliers. We should blitz the presenter, the program, the station, BBC central and the Director General.

    Recently a local BBC radio station held a poll on their web site asking Do you think angling is cruel. When someone posted it on AnglersNet the vote was 55% saying Yes, then the anglers from all sites began to vote within an hour the vote was 98.9% No vote. After a couple of hours the poll was pulled off the BBC site. That's the power we have when organised.

    Bombard national Radio, TV and Newspapers who have used anti angling material in the past, asking for their position on the matter.
    We must make our presence felt.

    Write to the schools in your area asking then to invite you along should PETA or another anti group ask to talk to the kids, so as to offer a balanced view, or at least ask to go in after them to expose their lies.
    Do you know of any teachers indoctrinating children against angling? If so post details on the sites then blitz the school/collage and local education authority angain requesting information on their policy

    Local and national elections are coming up in June, ask all your local councilors and MPs, what there views are, ask if they are aware of the benefits anglers have on the environment, did they vote for a ban on hunting? How would they vote if there were calls to ban fishing? If they are against fishing post a message on every angling site telling everyone to blitz e-mail the person and their party.

    [this message was shortened to fit new size restrictions - contact the poster for full details]

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Excellent post Goose.

    What's the next step?
    We need a central repository of answers, facts, mail addresses etc etc

    We really need to get this thing started.

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