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Thread: Hackers!

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    Andrew Miller Guest


    Anyone seen the fishing warehouse forum in which it been wiped out by hackers. Is FM safe from this??

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    Windy, yes, we found out this morning. They've done the Carper's Lodge site as well. They use different technology for their forums than we do. Ours is safer and we're keeping a careful watch. But nothing is 100% safe from some of these idiots.

    Whether they're just idiots or anti-angling idiots I don't know, but it makes Martin James' article <a href=>'We Must Go On The Offensive'</A> and Sedge's <a href=>Pilgrim's Progress'</A> all the more pertinent.

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    And I think they must have employed a Witchdoctor to put a curse on me to keep blanking as well....

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    Darren Wilson Guest



    Which software or script do you use for this Forum?

    I have been happy with UBB until now but with recent events I fancy a change.

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    Goose Ganderton Guest


    MMmmm sounds like hacker social enginnering to me.

    Answer at your peril Graham.

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    Darren, I'll send you a reply off-line.

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    Darren Wilson Guest


    Thanks for the reply Graham

    Goose, FYI I am one of the Partners in The Carpers Lodge (which was one of the affected sites) so I don't think it is 'Hacker Social Engineering' as you put it )

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    Goose Ganderton Guest


    Please accept my apologies Darren. I personally did not know you and on checking you profile there was no information.
    During a weird period of my life I was heavily involved with a number of hacking groups and social engineering is one of the most commonly used forms of gaining information on a target.

    With the events of the past couple of days, I was simply urging Graham to be careful.

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    Darren Wilson Guest


    No need to apologise Goose, you weren't to know. It's good to see someone on the ball.

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