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    Sedge, an exellent and thought provoking article that is very well written. Can this article and others like it, be distributed through other forms of media to enable a wider distribution to a targeted audience.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    That's a very good idea. I would think that Angling Star would publish these pieces

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Ron, I'm actually doing an article for the AS for June (on something else), but I might send Jim Baxter the couple on the anti's. What do you think? Do you want to speak to him Ron? Mail me direct.
    (By the way, thanks Stu for the comments.)
    I do get a number of direct mails each week about PP. The last couple of weeks have prompted a higher than average response. All really positive except for one which refused to accept angling was on the hit list of the anti's. I replied simply by saying the game plan of finishing off hunting then going for fishing wasn't my assumption, but check out their (anti's) web sites for yourself. I guess there is still work to do within angling itself, probably the biggest giant we face is apathy amongst anglers. I certainly don't want to create an atmosphere of paranoia as far as anti's are concerned, but we do need to stay sharp, focused and keep one step ahead. Hence my endorsement of the profile that is being given to the campaign (AAA Vault) here on FM.

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    Ron Clay Guest


    I think you should send the two on the antis and leave it to Jim. He is away at the moment on holiday bu should be back after Easter. The latest edition is no made up. I'm having a go at the antis too

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    Wayne Biggin Guest


    Well done Sedge, a well thought out and well written article. If I'm echoing a point previously made I apologise, but isn't one of PETA's aims also to ban the keeping of pets? The public should be made aware just how far these idiots intend to go.

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Wayne, you're right about the pets issue and the anti's.
    A lot of the PETA (and related groups, of course) propaganda involves a play on people's emotions, in relation to animals and 'cruelty'.
    Which is why we need as anglers, as much as possible, to take a positive image of angling to the general public. We may not all have a public platform from which to speak, but we all have contacts.
    Imagine if every angler only influenced one other person every six months. Then another, then another and so on.
    Thanks for the comments by the way, much appreciated.

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