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    Ross Turner Guest


    New free Fishing auction site goes online later today at

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    Dave Slater Guest


    Just had a look. It would appear that there is only test data on there at the moment. Will try again in a couple od days or so.

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    Ross Turner Guest


    As i said its only going online later today & people have to find it & put items up for auction for it to work.So more people who no about it the better for all

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    Ross Turner Guest


    Its starting to get items put up on the auction.So if you have any unwated tackle to sell have a look & save yourselves Ebay fees.

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    ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one) Guest


    There is a classified section on here with no fees already

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    Ross Turner Guest


    Yes Eddie but why limit yourself to only one market place,You can also list wanted & swap items which i don`t think any other auction site offers.
    If you use or not its up to you,but i thought all fishermen stuck together.

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    Obviously I'm going to support the FM Classified section, but it does need pointing out that the more a particular market is used the more worthwhile it is to use it. Ebay scores highly, in spite of the fees, because it is used by so many people. The more anglers who use FM Classifieds the better it will get. So at least list your sales and wanteds here as well as elsewhere.

    Also worth a thought is this: Do the other sites let you go on and advertise FISHINGmagic as another place to put your classifieds? Does the Fishingbid site mention FM?

    For these things to work like Ross says, 'with all fishermen sticking together' it has to be two way traffic.

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    ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one) Guest


    I bet they dont...

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    Ross Turner Guest


    If you click on to the Auction site & go to links,You will find a site called Fish4ituk which has a coarse & sea fishing section.I dont go on these but its open to all.The more links you have the better the site rating,This correct is it not Graham.
    All i did was inform others that another auction site was available,If you use it or not its totally up to the individual.

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    Apr 2003


    Hi all,
    just to put a few points to rest.
    Thanks to Ross for pointing out the new site.
    When the original post was made, there were as Dave says, only test items on there. The auction has now been made 'live' and there are now various items you are able to bid on.
    I need more coarse fishing items up however so if you have any, PLEASE put them up. It is FREE. It is a cycle which needs starting off - items need to go up, more people will register to bid, those people will put items up and so on.

    Regarding Eddie's question of links, there is a links page under construction at the moment. The link to this page has not been made live yet but there will be a link to Fishing Magic, fear not.

    So, please give the auction a try, you might pick up a nice piece of tackle or sell something that is cluttering space in your house. Or you can just register and browse, whatever you fancy doing.

    Kind Regards

    Chris Cook

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