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    Amazing, wonderful, awesome, strange, funny - they can be all of those, but what experiences have YOU had with nature's wonders.

    My most memorable, and horrific, experience, was the night I was eel fishing and hundreds, (and that's no exaggeration, hundreds) of rats invaded my patch on the bank. So many they showed no fear of me and the stones I threw at first before I chickened out.

    They ran all over me, ate all my food and bait, and then disappeared as fast as they came.

    I suppose I should be grateful they didn't try to eat me! But I'll never forget that night, and will never look at a rat the same again.

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    john conway Guest


    One of my encounters with nature was also on the canal night fishing, and I’d just returned a 2lb eel to the water when I disturb something at the waters edge, made me jump but that was all. Ten mins. later there was a movement on the edge of my peripheral vision. Slowly turning my head, and my headlamp, I picked out a little rat messing about at the water’s edge. The rat didn’t seemed to be upset by the light and keeping very still it slowly made its way right up to my wellies and with both of it’s hands on the toe of my welly looked up at me wiggled it’s nose and then calmly scurried off along the canal bank. Rats carry Weils Disease and if you want some interesting reading go to our just type Weils Disease into any search engine. It took me quite a long time before I was happy about eating my butties at the waters edge not to mention biting of my line instead of using my knife our scissors.

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    I fished the River Vienne in France a few years ago and an angler who fished the same swims as us a week earlier died from weils desease not long after. They found that he'd caught it from that visit.

    I really don't like rats.

    When I was a kid I hit one once with half a house brick and it ran towards me and reared up, instead of running away from me.

    In fact I hate rats.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Rats aren't very nice are they?

    We're infested with mink down here, which the tree huggers let loose, and they show no fear whatsoever.
    One came out of the bank behind me near my head one night, so I poked it in the face with a maglite and it hissed and bared its teeth at me.

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    Phil Hackett Guest


    "....which the tree huggers let loose,...."
    Correction! these people are not tree huggers!
    As some one who researches British native trees, I can assure you that most of ALF's members wouldn't know a Populus nigra from a Ford popular.
    Come to think of it, nor would most anglers either!

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Sorry Phil, I was just using it as a derogatory term for them.

    Errrrr... a member of the Salicaceae family, a deciduous fast grower that inhabits wet woods and stream sides.

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    Paul Williams Guest


    Rik, you clever ******D!!!!! )
    Phil, they do hug trees!! i agree they don't know their names though, then again i can't remember the names of all the girl.....better not go there )

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    Philip Inzani Guest


    I have had a few run in's with nature but one of the most memorable was with a wild Pelican. Now believe me Pelicans really are the ultimate, line snagging, rod smashing, fish scaring, bait eating B*****ds that an angler can come across (you probably guess I dont like them!)

    Most vivid memory was when a Pelican decided that my landing net was edible and and tried to pull it into the river. I jumped forward and just managed to grab it as it pulled it over the edge.
    Now most birds/animals seeing a 6"4 bloke jump up from behind cover would run/fly away pronto...but not this Pelican Oh no, it decided it was not going to give up without a fight and it attempted to take off while I was still holding the net in its bloody beak. I got involved in an almighty tug of war with it and got dragged half into the river. It let go at the last second and left me in a crumpled heap soaking wet and screaming obscenities at it as it flew away. However the worst bit of all was that as I had been sitting low behind some reeds, I had not noticed that a group of families had set-up a Barbecue on the opposite bank and now every head was turned and staring straight at me..I could have cried!

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Two memerable incidents for me. Both occured on the River Don in Aberdeenshire.
    One evening I was wading in the estuary whilst after sea trout. I was up to my chest in water when, infront of me, a HUGE bow wave started heading towards me. In the early evening gloom, my mind started racing. It was far two big to be a salmon. As it approached I started backing up very quickly until I slipped and fell backwards. At that moment, a rather large seal stuck its head out off the water not more than a rod length away, snorted, and turned away. I actually felt the swirls across my legs as it powered off. Seals are VERY big when they are that close!!!
    Second incident was further upstream. I was approaching a pool that involves a climb of about 40 feet down to the rivers edge. I peered over the edge of the "cliff" into the pool to see if there were any fish lying there, and, there, swimming happly were 2 adult Otters and a cub. The adults were diving and bringing up fish/mussels and giving them to the cub which was promptly dropping them again!! It was a real joy to watch...

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Muscovy ducks. Feathered Exocets. I was standing outside a pub zander fishing one night and saw one in the distance, heading straight for me.

    It'll see me any minute and take evasive action, I thought. But it didn't.;

    It hit me straight in the chest, knocking me off my feet, before having an action replay of its lunch all over me.

    Muscovies are also the only feathered creature I have ever heard break wind, which I believe is another first for evolution.

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