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    Sascha Welsch Guest


    Hi Folks,
    This year I've decided to splash the cash a bit and have a couple of weeks on holiday somewhere hot with decent fishing. Now as "she who must be obeyed" will be coming along (she does fish but not for two weeks at a time!) the holiday would ideally have the following or a good mix of them:

    Hot 'n' sunny in September/October/November
    Decent beaches with good snorkelling, scuba etc
    Good accomadation
    Good, local food
    Plenty to see locally, ideally somewhere historically impressive with nice landscape
    Good fishing without paying the earth either charter type or taking my own gear and can be all types e.g. lures, bait etc

    I've considered so far: Ebro cats, Mexico big game, Florida bonefish and tarpon etc, Indian Mahseer - but prob' wrong time of year? and Nile perch.

    If any of you can give me recommendations on any of these or other destinations based on your experiences it would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Tony Carter Guest


    Ha - i was just thinking the very same thing myself! - I am also in a very similar position to yourself - Has anybody stayed at the Capetown Accomodation - offered on the link at the left on the home page. It looks superb - are flights to SA very expensive?? Have a look at this Sascha - also look at the John Wilson fishing Safaria
    book - loads of tips on where to go what to fish for etc..

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    Gary Knowles Guest


    Florida for brilliant and easy access to coastal fishing but the hire of boats is pretty expensive.

    Cuba for brilliant but potentially difficult access to fishing but much cheaper charters available.

    Catfishing probably wouldn't go down too well with the missus but the former two would.

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    Warren 'Hatrick' (Wol) Gaunt Guest


    Mauritius, just superb. Was there last year as well as Mexico. Indian ocean mate.

    Saying that, them 140lb Florida Herrings go some, ***** snorkelling though.

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    Tony Carter Guest


    Does anyone know if the links for holidays on the homepage are vetted in anyway - or has anybody used them??

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    You could do a lot worse than heading off to Thailand at that time of year, the fishing is great, snorkelling and scuba are very good as is the food. Pick your hotel with care, some caxn be poor but others like the Hilton are very good value for money. There is also some spectacular scenes around as well.

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    Sascha Welsch Guest


    Cheers guys.
    I've watched Mr Hayes quite a bit in Cuba but it always looked unprofessional i.e.a social boat rather than fishing boat so probably not the best holiday type when the missus goes too.
    I did Florida years ago but it was more holiday than fishing. Are there any guides that you can recommended?

    Was in the Maldives a couple of years ago, snorkelling and scuba was awesome but unfortunately no fishing off the house reefs and the opportunities to hire a boat were non existant.
    Did you do any "off your own back" shorefishing in Mexico?

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    Warren 'Hatrick' (Wol) Gaunt Guest


    Florida, Key West, Jack Kelly, boat is called Windy Day.

    Beach fishing, only with the locals, was good fun.

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    nile perch with a week visiting luxor or diving out of the red sea coastal resorts(try and get as far south as you can for the best diving) would be my choice,although if i can get the cash together id love a bash at the ebro cats.

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    Duncan Kellett Guest


    Hows about Vancouver, British Columbia

    Fishing for various salmon species and sturgeon to +600lb, reasonable charter rates - 400 for 3 days fully guided plus tackle and accommodation.
    Temps are ok early 20s in September
    Foods great
    Scenery well a short drive up into the Rockies and you get all you want

    And if you get bored with the rivers you can also go halibut fishing.

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