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    It all sounds like good sense to me, but what do you think?

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    Dave Johnson Guest


    most of it is common sense really, though it is good to see figures quoted on ratios of fish to area.
    I wonder how some of the fisheries that have closed through f & m are going on and what sort of mortalities they are suffering?

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    Most of it probably is common sense (although experience shows that certain fisheries can thrive outside the boundaries suggested), but is anyone going to take notice?

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    Davy North Guest


    Two very good articles, it would be very easy for some one like me who doesn't fish commercials to say "I told you so". Although that wouldn't be right, a lot of people get a lot of pleasure out of them.

    Although I don't fish them I have walked round a few, and I must say the standard of angling from some of the youngsters there was excellent, and so was the fish handling, large carp netted and released without leaving the water.

    However I have to say it was a different story on the match lakes. Carp being rattled out a fair rate of knots, bounced down keepnets, and dumped back.

    How can we defend angling and anglers as guardians of the environment and their quarry if we endorse muddy puddles full of starving fish, that are no more than points on a game board.

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