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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    Good article Pete.
    I know there are lots of specific method groundbaits around, but who can recommend a good mix that anglers can make up themselves, thus reducing the price, as method groundbaits tend to be a bit expensive. What ingredients specifically that will ensure the mix stays on the feeder when cast?

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    Paul Williams Guest


    Sedge, in your case....concrete!! with the hook bait enclosed in it!! won't affect your catch rate....s******..

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    Andy Thatcher Guest


    Try this Stewart. Fill a bait box with trout pellets. Half fill it with boiling water. Leave it for 30 minutes. After waiting I generally ad a few bits & pieces such as hookbaits samples, dead maggots, live maggots, corn, any liquids such as Minimino that you think may help. Do not overdo the freebies though. Then mush the concoction with your hands until a firm mix is achieved. It takes a little experimentation but it will do the job.

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    peter webber Guest


    Firstly thanks Sedge

    Try this one:

    4lb Bread crumb ( I use the red )
    2lb crushed trout pellets.
    2 tins of sweetcorn ( liquidized )
    1 cup of flake maize
    1 cup of baby milk
    1 bag of crushed hemp

    Mix this up using liquid Molasess in the water until it just holds to gether when you squeeze it.

    Time to add your pellets etc, I use small pellets, whole sweetcorn.

    Now split the mix up 2/3 to 1/3 and put the 2/3 to one side.
    Add more water to the other 1/3 but not too much, you should be able to put this on to the feeder to form a hard inner ball.

    So you now have two mix'es:
    1, Cover the feeder with the wetter mix and pack it tightly.

    2, Cover this with the dryer mix.

    Doing this when you have casted out the dryer mix will start to break up when it hits the bottom sending out a trail, but the wetter mix will stay on the feeder giving the fish some thing to go for when atracked by the trail.


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    Carp Angler Guest


    If you want cheap, then use

    Vitalin (wetted with hot gravy)
    Scalded pellet
    liquidised sweetcorn.

    Good for lake and rivers.

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    Alan John Degville Guest


    Very good article pete , very useful to me for fishing my club`s own pool.Can you tell me how you set up the free running rig has this set up would be ideal for me on the club`s pool. Where we can now fish any type of feeder as long has it is free running.
    Cheer`s Larry

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    Alan John Degville Guest


    sedge you can make the method mix go further by doing this. 4 CUPS OF BROWN GROUND BAIT,
    2 CUPS OF CARP 2000 (eg large coffee mug`s)
    mix together add 2 pints of cooked hemp
    2 tins of sweet corn (take corn out of tin first) plus any free offering`s use water out of hemp to mix up with .go sparingly on free offering`s you want the carp to be seaching for more freebie`s

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    MALC DOYLE Guest


    Here's a mix i use for spring to autumn fishing i've been playing around with various forms of mix for around 5 or 6 years and this is the main one i have used for the past two seasons.
    I've also found that bream love it.
    I mix it in large qty and freeze it in 5lb bags

    10lb fine brown crumb
    5lb pure fishmeal
    3lb pure molasses meal
    3lb powered dog meal
    1lb crused hemp
    5lb soaked turkey pellet
    2lb 3mm sinking pellet
    1lb mixed floating pellet
    1lb boiled rice (dyed red)
    2lb frozen corn
    The above is mixed with 4lb frozen corn liquidised and water from cooking hemp
    and home made liquid molasses.
    It can either be solid or soft depending on how tight you squeeze on the feeder.
    I buy all the ingredients from a pet feed supplier in bulk so the above mix in the qty stated (33lb dry) only works out at around 13 to 15.
    Not bad when you think a bag of method g/bait is around 2 or 3 for 1kg (2lb).

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    peter webber Guest



    There is a Method feeder out ( i forget the name it's black/green frame ) This comes with elastic and swivels.
    Don't use the elastic just put the feeder on your main line heavy end towards the hook. Tie a swivel on and then your hooklength on the other end of the swivel.
    I'll try and get the make for you, I should know I use this feeder all the time.


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    Alan John Degville Guest


    IF YOU BUY HORSE MOLASSE`S FROM PET OR ANIMAL FEED SUPPLIER`S.You will get a gallon for the price of a couple of bottle`s of Van Den Ende Molass`e.
    Also Sedge the junior angler`s Buy chicken mash it`s very cheap they buy 7lb`s a time.

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