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    Alan John Degville Guest


    i was informed yesterday from an angling mate .That when he went to buy some more fishmeal groundbait,was told all fishmeal groundbait had been recalled because of suspected link`s to CJD or MAD COW DISEASE.Andif he any, not to use it&throw it away. Has anyone heard this i meant to post earlier about it but seeing fishmeal added to groundbait mix jogged my memory Another angling mate`s a bit sick he`s got 2 55lb bag`s

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Fishmeal is made of fish.
    I can't see the connection......

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    MALC DOYLE Guest


    reply to Alan
    got two fresh sacks from my supplier today no prob
    as Carp angler said its ground fish

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    Andy Thatcher Guest


    Sorry to be sceptic but wouldn't the fishmeal have to be ingested ? I ain't eating trout pellets !

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