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    A FISHINGmagic visitor has been in touch with us to let us know of a problem he's had posting a rod through Parcel Force. Has anyone else had a problem?

    My own experience is that it's only the smaller, local sub-post offices that refuse them. Here's the e-mail:

    "I have been trying to send a rod to someone in warwickshire from my
    home in suffolk. Royal Mail say 'no can do'. Parcel Force say it is too long
    (limit of 1.5 metres). Everyone else is telling me it will cost at least 40. I had one quote of 100!!! There seems to be a lot of confusion amongst Royal Mail and Parcel Force staff.

    "I would like to warn anyone who is likely to want to do the same that they may have similar problems. It is not clear who is correct. Parcel Force
    actually said the rod will be sent straight back! If that happens what on
    earth do we do?"

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    I have had a simmiliar problem when trying to return a rod. The costs you have quoted and the size problem sound familiar and this was from a main post office. In the end I used a parcel courier at a fraction of the cost. The only benefit I see from the post office is when they try and delivery as in my area they will do what ever they can to make sure you get your parcel.

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    Dave Johnson Guest


    well how do mail order shops get round this?
    The past couple of rods from Chapmans Tackle have got to me in a day from the shop no problem?

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    In my experince mail order companies do not use parcel post when despatching large or bulky items they use a private parcel courier.

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