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    Phil Hackett Guest


    I make no apologies for blagging this from another site. The author was Simon Newbold. The story is self-explanatory, Peta are using their celebrities to have a go.

    If you care about your right to fish, I suggest you visit C4 feedback forum at
    and lodge your disgust that someone who support this extremist organisation is presenting a pets programme. Remember, this organisation is that extreme that it thinks that people shouldn't even keep pets of any kind.

    Hi all,
    Looks like a campaign is starting... Page 27 of today's Daily Express:-


    "Pet Rescue presenter Wendy Turner Webster is appealing to Boy Scouts to stop fishing. The animal lover has written to the Duke of Kent in his cpacity of President of the Scout Association, asking him to "retire the Scouts' Angler Proficiency badge" on the grounds of cruelty.

    Writing on behalf of the organisation People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), vegan Wendy,33, informs the Duke that killing fish is inconsistent with the Scouts' wholesome reputation and "setting out to attack animals.... is not in keeping with the image of Scouting".

    Appealing to his traditional side, Wendy, who presents the Channel 4 animal rescue show, refers to the Scout Law that dictates "A Scout understands there is strength in being gentle. He treats others as he wants to be treated. He does not hurt or kill harmless things without reason". The letter appeals to the Duke to "put the violent pastime of fishing behind us and teach children to respect rather than kill wildlife".

    In support of her letter PETA's spokesman Toni Vernelli says: " Scouts are supposed to be compassionate role models, not bloodthirsty fish killers"

    Wendy has proposed the Angling badge be replaced by The Waterway Clean-up badge with the bob-a-jobbers clearing fishing debris from rivers, ponds and lakes, thus providing the Scouts with a "justified sense of accomplishment and civic pride".

    Wendy, younger sister of fellow TV presenter Anthea and wife of former minder star Gary Webster, is a strong supporter of PETA. In February she was among a host of celebrities such as Joely Richardson and Dame Judi Dench who designed heart shaped cards campaigning for the better treatment of animals.

    The Duke of Kent has so far not responded to Wendy's epistle"

    So, there you go - anyone any good at writing letters?


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    Goose Ganderton Guest


    Hi all - I must congratulate you all on the sterling job you have been doing over the Wendy Turner story, keep it going. As I have mentioned in the past I am a professional press photographer working exclusively for the national newspapers and as such have a number of associations with various press agencies who supply the papers.

    A couple of days ago I asked one of my guys to try and place the story. Well you will be pleased to know that the following story will appear in tomorrows Sunday Express as the lead story on page 33.

    TV presenter Wendy Turner has landed herself at the centre of a bitter battle with Scouts and anglers after she called for the movement to ban a fishing achievement badge. Wendy, who presents the popular Channel 4 programme Pet Rescue, has been bombarded by furious anglers after she wrote a letter to the Scout Association. Now TV bosses have received hundreds of irate letters and e-mails from sport anglers and former Cub Scouts across the country. The Pet Rescue website has also been inundated with furious letters.

    The TV presenter wrote to the president of Scouts, the Duke of Kent, asking him to "retire the Scouts Anglers Proficiency badge on the grounds of cruelty. But since penning the letter on behalf of the organisation People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Wendy, 33, has faced a barrage of criticism. Her letter begged the Duke of York to "put the violent pastime of fishing behind us and teach children to respect, rather than kill wildlife". But respecting nature is exactly what the Scouts and anglers alike insist the badge does.

    National Federation of Anglers spokesman Rodney Coldrone (CORR) said: "Wendy's comments are completely unfounded and in making them she is entirely out of order. Her comments about angling being cruel and references to children killing fish are completely misplaced.Nobody in their right mind would stop these scouts from going out into the countryside, enjoying nature and learning about wildlife.The Scout badge is about course fishing, which means they are taught to catch fish, study them, remove the hook properly and return the fish to the water safely. The badge teaches children not to be cruel, quite the opposite to what Wendy is suggesting - the fish are not killed.There are 3.3 million people in this country who enjoy fishing as a sport and unless they are fishing for food the fish are returned to the water unharmed.We represent 23,000 members who all go fishing for the sheer pleasure of it and who always return the fish to the waters.If it weren't for anglers many problems in our waterways, like pollution, would probably go undetected.With the Scout badge those taking it learn about wildlife, waterways, voles, herons, dragonflies and all sorts of things - it is not about killing fish. Wendy is wrong in what she writes and we will be writing our own letter to the Duke of Kent with our concerns about her comments."

    In her letter to the duke Wendy, younger sister of TV golden girl Anthea Turner, informs him that "setting out to attack not in keeping with the image of Scouting". In support of her letter PETA spokesman Toni Vernelli said: "Scouts are supposed to be compassionate role models, not blood thirsty fish killers."

    Wendy proposed the angling badge be replaced with a Waterway Clean-up badge with Scouts cleaning out fishing debris from rivers, ponds and lakes. But the Scout Association is refusing to drop the badge. A spokeswoman said yesterday/today: "We are aware of Wendy's comments but at this stage we are of the opinion that if the Environment Agency approve there is no problem with it. Although it is an angling badge it is not just about fishing. The badge allows Scouts to explore the countryside, how to behave around wildlife, water safety, how to spot and report pollution and a whole host of other things."

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    Dave Johnson Guest


    nice one Goose, mmmmmmtoo

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    Dave Johnson Guest


    good response I meant

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    Gary Magee Guest


    Dear Phil and Goose

    May I congratulate you on your two great posts. Unfortunately I put my post in the thread concerning carp fishing (as I am quite new to this email lark!), but instead of getting support on this thread I received quite a condescending reply. I seem to have got the whole gist of this internet correspondence wrong in that instead of publicising things that affect our sport such as you have done, some people are far more concerned with scoring silly points. The worldwide web is such a big thing it should be used to publicise important things like you have done to get people thinking and doing something about their sport and getting as many people to participate in these chatrooms as possible, instead of operating a little clique which seems to operate on some of these threads. Its no wonder that its the same old people that write in night after night. Once again you brought up a great point

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    Peter Morton Guest


    Dear goose.It's not always what you know but who you know!!!!!!!!Well more power to your elbow.

    Condescending replies,little cliques,scoring silly points? Chill out,your not the only one who is new to this e-mail lark,i am to.It takes all sorts and a lot of these guys have obviously known each other for some time.If every thing was so serious it would soon become very boring,a little humour never hurts,and can often lead to the creation of other threads.Its certainly led me to explore other threads that i would not have looked at before.Just sit back and enjoy some of the banter!!!!!!!

    Sorry if i have strayed to far from this thread ,PETER.

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    gary magee Guest


    peter moreton
    having looked at mine and your post in the cold light of day you are totally correct and i am now on a full course of chillout a victim of an anti angler attack i can become a bit myopic about this subject.

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    Alan Roe Guest


    Goose that was a superb bit of work getting that piece in the Sunday Express well done.
    However along with the correspondant of all the other angling sites we now have the opportunity to give Peta a real bloody nose and set them back for some time to come.
    Can I ask you to continue to bombard Channel4's forum with appropriat statements about this issue and at the same time e-mail copies of your comments to yyour local press letters pages.
    Refer to the inappropriateness of a Peta spokesperson fronting a pets programme especially as Peta is opposed to the keeping of pets.
    Also make plenty of reference to some of their wilder staments about whats OK in pursuit of their 'Cause' including murder.
    To really make a telling point refer to the 6 year old girl that was injured in the most recent set of mail bombings by one of these animal rights nutters who is starting court proccedings at this time.

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    Alan Roe Guest


    This was recived by myself today...

    Dear Mr Roe

    Thank you for your email to Michael Jackson who has asked me to respond on
    his behalf.

    The rules of the Reach 4 forum are stated very clearly. This includes
    deleting any profanity or comments or accusations that could be seen as
    libellous. As the forum covers a wide range of subjects at any one time,
    'threads' are sometimes merged, this unfortunately sometimes gives the
    appearance that they have been removed- however, they are still there.

    You also raised issues concerning Wendy Turner-Webster and PETA. Wendy
    Turner-Webster is not a member of PETA and has no formal links with the
    organisation. Her recent letter to the Duke of Kent regarding fishing with
    hooks reflects Wendy's own personal views, which she is entitled to hold.
    She was not expressing her views on behalf of Channel 4 or PET RESCUE.

    PET RESCUE is an observational documentary series that follows the work of
    the RSPCA and other animal rescue centres around the country. The series
    promotes responsible pet ownership - not animal rights - and we can see no
    reason to question Wendy's role as its principal presenter.

    Thanks for taking the time to email Channel 4. I hope I have addressed the
    concerns you raised.

    Yours sincerely

    John Daniels

    Any views or opinions are solely those of the author and do not necessarily
    represent those of Channel Four Television Corporation unless specifically
    stated. This email and any files transmitted are confidential and intended
    solely for the use of the individual or entity to which they are addressed.
    If you have received this email in error, please notify

    Here is my response pleas feel free to use it as a basis for you e-mails to the station as we must not let this issue drop...

    Dear Mr Daniels
    I am aware that Ms Turner was not expressing the view of Channel 4 or
    indeed Pet Rescue I have no problems with either the Channel or indeed the
    My area of expressed concern was that Ms Turner was acting on behalf of Peta
    regardless of any membership status when she sent the letter to the Duke of
    Kent naturally cc'd to the press!!
    I am expressing the gravest doubts about a person who is prepared to use
    public persona to promote the views of this group who are quite open about
    their support for the use of violence in the furtherance of their cause.
    You may recall that a 6 year old child was recently injured as a result of a
    mail bomb sent by an 'animal rights' activist.
    I regard her views on angling as misguided as they appear to be uninformed
    but I do not deny her the right to hold such views.
    Equally one has to consider that she has upset untold numbers of people in
    trying to inflict her views on the lives of others.
    However I must bring into question her suitability to present a programme on
    animal welfare when the group she has so publicly endorsed is opposed to any
    form of human / animal interaction particularly as pets..
    M. A. Roe

    Come on Chaps Join in this is too important to ignore.

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    Alan Roe Guest


    For an even better response have a look at this
    I know that this may not be an absolute 'how to do it' topic but I must admit I was hoping to see a more positive response than seems to have been the case thus far.

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