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    Bob Gill Guest


    I posted a poll concerning this on Barbel Fishing World and would like to ask users of this forum to get a wider view. I would like to ask 'How Often Was Your Licence Checked Last Season'. By checked I mean directly checked by Club Official or EA Bailiff. The poll on BFW gives the following options:

    Once last Season
    More than once last season
    Not at all last season
    Not for the last two or more seasons

    I'd be interested in the results.



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    Malcolm Bason Guest


    Once last season.

    It was boiling hot in mid summer and he was walking round in a collar and tie - he must have been suffering!!

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    Four times last season by EA Officer, three times the season before. Same guy, same river. We ended up on friendly terms but he still asks to see my licence even when he's seen it only a week previously. Which is fine, he's doing the job as it was meant to be done.

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    john conway Guest


    Once last season.

    However, I now know the the EA Baliff and I've seen him checking other guys a couple of times between Christmas and the Foot & Mouth closure. Our Baliff is also an angler. Don't try and fish the river Lune without a Licence.

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    Davy North Guest


    Three times in Thirty odd years!

    And one of those times we'd called water
    authority (in the days before the EA) out ourselves because of large amount of what looked like soap suds coming down the river. The first thing he did was check or licences.

    I suppose the reason I don't get asked more is only due to the remote places I tend to fish. A baliff isn't likely to drive two miles down a farm track then walk a another few miles on the off chance someone might be there.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    Not for the last two or more seasons

    I've been checked once in 28 years by the water authority.
    I've had my club book checked once aswell.
    This was last winter with Brummie, this is despite fishing at least 3 times a week and being a member of 5 clubs.

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    Stewart Bloor Guest


    None last season, but only once before, not by an EA official but a club baliff.
    Mind, to bring it in perspective, I do fish often in darkness and unlike Graham I don't usually occuy the swim nearest the car park, but will move some distance away....

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    In 26 years of fishing...once!! On the Lea...and I was made to but an extra one as one of my rods was laid in the margin, but a baited hook was in the water! All 2 inches of water that is!!

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    Maybe you should start fishing nearer to the car park then Sedge. Car park swims get fed the most and you've always got more time and energy left for fishing being as you haven't wasted it on a long walk.

    But on a more serious note (for a change just lately) some anglers have got a phobia against those swims nearest to the car park, thinking that they're not 'proper' anglers unless they've walked a long way to the nearest little fished swim. It's true, they'll fish anywhere except the car park swims, just on principle.

    In fact, there are plenty of anglers who think you're not a 'proper' angler unless you're prepared to suffer a bit. You know, sit in the rain with no brolly, don't have a hot drink or anything to eat, walk as far as you can, and whatever you do, DON'T sit on a chair, only a piece of plastic will do if you're hard.

    Me, I'm as soft as a brush. But not in the head.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Never, although we did see a bailiff last season for the first time.

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